Xbox one release

Hi everyone, I was curious if there has been any news on the Xbox one release of grim dawn. The forums seem pretty dead about this topic.

Nothing that hasn’t already been said. Working it’s way through testing and certifcation. Crate want to offer it as a bundle (base game/expansions). Crate will let us know as soon as they’re ready to release it to Xbox users.

19th April stream:

"Sinful_me : xbox one release date?

Can’t give you a date. I can tell you it’s probably coming later this year, still needs to go for certification, still some tech work to be done. Basically we had to wait for the Forgotten Gods expansion to be finished and then we could proceed further with that."

I dont like how this is worded medea! It sounds like Forgotten gods is the last expac?:cry:

Deal with it because it’s probably true.

Well actually we never know!

I could not care much about xbox cause I am not a console peasant but its great for others. I wish Crate success in other platforms:p

I’m waiting too u.u

Thanks for the info everyone!

Really don’t like the word “probably”. The game was allready anounced march 2018 and it is still not sure that we see the game before 2020 on XBox?

Steam of the 24th May:

"Stonewall6915 : xbox version ever coming

Yes, it is absolutely coming. We’re sorry we’re not giving you more active updates in that regard, but it’s just not at a point where we can tell you confidently it’s coming out this day. Even just talking to Rhis, one of our programmers who’s involved in the Xbox port, just last week and there’s actually potentially going to be some more optimizations coming to the game, again courtesy of the Xbox port, but it does mean several things have to happen before we can even get into releasing the Xbox port for you, but don’t worry it’s coming. It’s great. I hope you guys enjoy it on console."

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Holding us in suspense for over a year to keep delaying things without a straightforward explanation as what the hell is going on. Certification is not a year long excuse.

Life is uncertain.

I am sad that FG can never come to Switch (maybe the pro version???)
maybe one day…

It’d be amazing playing anywhere you want.

I can understand that they wait for the last expansion to make it a full package. However when it was only certification then we should have known allready in which quarter we could expect the game. But even that is impossible to tell it seems. Looks like they have (some) technical issues with running the game on XBox. Maybe MS can help a hand.
And when they say “probably this year” in the stream than I am afraid that I will have plenty of time to play the new Pokémon game and Animal Crossing first when they are released in fall 2019. Nothing wrong with playing these games but like to have a replacement for Diablo 3 on the XBox (don’t like the graphical style of PoE). Probably later this year isn’t the same as soon and sounds like “can be 2020 also” to me.

no date yet?

No. Crate will tell us as soon as they have a definite release date.

From the 21st June stream:

"EnemyEX : any news on the Xbox One version yet?

The work on that is obviously not finished. Just with this patch actually you guys got voice chat functionality built into the game and that was something that was required for the Xbox. I have a feeling, not 100% confirmed yet, that there’ll be some optimisations coming next patch. Not like the next hotfix, but the next big patch we’ll be doing that should include optimisations that are aimed for the Xbox, but will benefit the game. Specifically involving lighting calculations and lighting has been actually very taxing on this game in the past so should actually have a notable improvement on that for people in the game."

Thanks for sharing.

I am afraid that we won´t see this game on XBox this year. And I am glad they finally give some more information about the work in progress. I hope they keep doing that.

I have been looking but still can’t find anything.

Closest thing I find is that GD might be in the certification process for Xbox so it might release this year.

Do we have any kind of eta?

Nope, not yet. It’s still being worked on and we’re still getting some optimisations coming through for the PC version from it.