Grim Dawn loading screens "halts" if Grim Dawn is the active window

Anyone else having this thing with Grim Dawn where if you go into a new area with a loading screen, the loading screen wont progress unless you make Grim Dawn NOT the active window?

The last time I played this game, was at least half a year ago and I had the same thing then. I also noticed, that it only happens if I am in a game by myself. Alone in a multiplayer, or in a singleplayer game, but if I am in a multiplayer game with others, it wont happen.

I find it to be really weird. I have been gaming for decades, several hundreds of games and I have never had anything like this happen before.

I am running two monitors atm, and to get the game to actually load into a new area, I have to select another window and woop, the loading screen goes away instantly.

Options> Set background FPS to max

Its already on max.

Odd, because it works for me… It must be something else on your end, then.

Yeah, its strange. I have no idea what it could be. It doesnt bother me much, I just have to click on another window every time the loading screen comes up and it loads instantly, just wanted to know if it was just me :stuck_out_tongue: