Grim Dawn Passes 1 Million Copies Sold!

Happy that the game is doing well. Keep up the good work.

Congrats to Crate for an awesome game, and for passing 1,000,000+ copies. Just hope they don’t see the need to sell out to a publisher like EA or anyone else, as I think that would be the end. So keep up the great work, take a good long break over Christmas, and I’ll be looking forward to whatever great game you make in the future.

Massive congrats to the team and possibly my favorite games designer now, played a good solid 1300 hours on the main game before my pc when poop. Was so looking forward to the expansion but yer hope this game will come to ps4 at some stage so i can support it there too.

Anyways thanks for making the best arpg since D2 and thats some mean feat.

Have a good xmas and wish you all the best.

I love GRIM DAWN, i hope you guys reach your goals and bring us more content and games like this!


Thank you for being you!

Titan quest is the only game that I still play (and mod) 11 years after release…a testament to your passion and ingenuity (it is my understanding that “some” of the original team are now a part of Crate Entertainment). I have very fond memories, throughout my early 20s, farming with my Haruspex. Just like in Grim Dawn I have many character builds that I enjoy playing to this day.

So, in 2012 my purchase of Grim Dawn and subsequently all of the DLC in 2017 was an easy decision.

I will continue to support your endeavors in any way that I can.

I wish you the best of luck and eternal success!

Indeed some of them are. Medierra who formed Crate Entertainment, Westfaliah and Grava all worked on Titan Quest and/or Immortal Throne.

i may be late but congrats!!. can’t wait to now about this secret project. is it titan quest 2? :stuck_out_tongue:

Well if that comes by i said take that opportunity!. Get the money first and then get out!. Best of worlds for Medierra then since he will have money and form a new team. Just as Thor’s Ragnarok… Asgard is not a place. It’s the people. In this case, Grim Dawn or Titan Quest doesn’t matter but it’s the team behind Crate :slight_smile:

No, Crate don’t own the rights to Titan Quest, they belong to THQNordic who made the Titan Quest Anniversary Edition and now the expansion for it: Ragnarok.

We think the new project is a city builder/RTS type game from what Medierra’s said in the past, but we could be totally wrong on that too. He hasn’t said anything definite about it except that it’s coming some time in the future.

Would love for Crate to port this game over to PS4 & XBO (if Diablo can do it, then so can Grim Dawn), I’m sure you would sell more copies. I know it probably won’t happen, but I can dream.

Game is being readied to port over to Xbox. Medierra in March this year:

"You can mostly thank the XboxOne port.

It requires DX11 and we’ll also need to do a bunch of work to get decent frame rates on there. We won’t be changing anything else about the PC version that will affect gameplay but it will get these engine improvements and some additional controller functionality.

We also are planning another “spin-off” game that is based on GD but a somewhat different kind of game."

1 million coffins might not be a thing to celebrate, but, mostly, yeah!

Undertakers beg to differ :smiley:

Hope Ashes of Malmouth have also nice sales? Wanna see next post here with 1 mil DLC sale :slight_smile:

we all wish for that. but unlikely to happen. If we are to believe Zantai then most likely dlc sales are over 200k atm. but dont quote me on that. however they said 300k will make them devs happy so they are nearing the target

This DLC is amost like a sequel of the game. The new chapter of the book, this is not just DLC, this is next chapter of story :smiley: Hope they will, it deserves much more. All fans of GD shure whant to know the end of the story of Grim Dawn in future.

Devs have said they don’t really see an “end of story” for the game so there’ll be no final resolution and tying up of any loose ends.

Some one said gd got 2million sales. I dont remember any announcement on this. Also any update to forgotten gods sales and aom.

These numbers are important cause you know moar Crate money means moar content for us.

Do they need to announce everything? You already know it’s extremely unlikely there’ll be any more expansions. Zantai has said there are a few more updates to come after drops. Be content with those and let the team give us some new games to play.