Grim Dawn Reborn Mod is broken with this 1.2 version. How to fix?

So I believe the issue may be with gameengine? What is happening is no items have the boundary colors, they have no rarity colors on the ground. Items do not stack at all, NPC still sells potions lol.
I don’t get the special monster infrequent icons. So im not sure what I need to do to get the mod to work with all the new 1.2 stuff. How do I get my mod updated to work with grim dawn. Thanks for any help.

after unpacking the 1.2 files with assetmanager, have you tried removing your existing engine.dbr and reimporting it from the new 1.2`?
stuff changed in the engine tables so will have to get the fresh one and reinput the item/colour data relevant places i suspect
i had to do teh same for my mod that used engine.dbr too

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Mods you can delete this… after like 5 hours I figured out I just had to replace the game engine. My lord my head hurts lmao.