Grim Dawn: Renegades (Heroes & Bosses pack, proposal)

Hi, everybody!

After the recent release of the Grim Dawn modding tools I am happy to propose a mod project with a little help from a close friend.

Grim Dawn: Renegades

The Renegades mod is an expansion intended make the gameplay and monster encounters much more exciting, unpredictable and fun. I aim accomplish this goal in three different ways:

1. Renegades:
The foremost intention of this mod is the introduction of Renegades; a potpourri of new bloodthirsty bosses to encounter during your travels. These foes will range from extremely rare joke enemies intended to amuse or annoy, to being among some of the most dangerous opponents you can face in game. Some may even have their own lore, weighted drops, or guaranteed weapons to wield! While not all these enemies will be human, per say, they are intended to be based on potential player builds and skills, ranging from the predictable to the bizarre. I hope to add somewhere around the order of 50 different Renegades by the time the mod is finished, but ideally even more. The sky’s the limit!

There are three different planned classes of Renegades that will be shipped with this mod.

  1. Permanent Bosses: True to their name, these opponents will likely be extremely powerful boss type monsters with their own dungeons or side-areas. They will return every time a new game is started, and therefore will be farmable. These side areas may be quite out of the way, and may have a chance to spawn in multiple locations (similar to Gutworm or Briarthorn), so as to encourage thorough exploration!
  2. Nemesis-likes: Mechanically, these bosses will be operate very similar to how nemeses currently do. However, they are not guaranteed to spawn in any given instance, and reputation need not be farmed for them to show up. Some may be common, and some may be very rare. While they may appear anywhere, certain zones may have their own theme-specific Renegade. For example, an area teeming with the undead may contain the restless spirit of a fallen hero, or Cronley’s Hideout may be the haunt of a particularly nasty mercenary (aside from Fabius himself, of course).
  3. One-Shot Bosses: This class of boss will operate almost identically to nemesis-likes with one obvious caveat; they will also be considered “dead” once they have been defeated once, and will not respawn again upon starting a new instance on the same character. The concept for these enemies is that they may drop guaranteed Epics or even Legendaries! However, they will also use them in battle, so be careful…

2. Hero Encounter Rebalancing:
Tired of seeing the same hero monsters over and over again? I hope to address this problem in two ways. First, performing tweaks to the rarity of pre-existing hero monsters so that there is a bit more in-game variance in encounters. While some heroes will still be quite rare, the overall rarity of those heroes will be adjusted such that they can appear more than once in a blue moon, whilst making the common heroes appear less often. The overall goal is to make unique encounters more frequent, and by extension, the game more exciting.

Time permitting, this mod will also expand the pre-existing hero roster with new, unique monsters to encounter and conquer!

3. Modularity:
Both the Hero Encounter Rebalancing mod, Renegades pack and potential future Hero packs are intended to be standalone. So if you want Renegades but nothing else you can just download that and ignore the rest. Additionally, if folks want certain classes of opponents to face I may also consider breaking apart the full mods into simple monster packs that players can pick and choose from. How exactly this will be handled is still up in the air, and I’m always open to suggestions.

Let me know what you guys think!

Hi AMightyFlash,
It seems to be a very interesting mod to follow.
Also will all your heroes still drop the orb on death (like the d01_chesthero_all_01.dbr) ?
There are 488/499 Heroes monsters that drop an orb.


Hi Okami,

Yup! All the enemies included in this mod will drop loot orbs, along with any other gear they have equipped.

Good to know so your Mod is compatible with my Omega Mod :).

Awesome! I’ll keep an eye on it, looks very cool. :smiley: