Grim Dawn Soundtrack now available on Steam

With Steam’s update to list soundtracks independently of their games, we thought we’d jump in on the opportunity.

We’re pleased to announce that the entire Grim Dawn soundtrack, all 5 hours of it, is now available on Steam for purchase, with a 10% release discount!



I would be cool if our boi Skewsound adds the vanilla soundtrack to Spotify.

if I buy this, will you, release another screenshot of the townbuilder game?


And GoG, too, sometime soon? They do standalone soundtrack packages for other games.

One of the best soundtracks in gaming history in my view - bought the full package “box 2” when FG was launched and still listen the FLAC version in my car going to work.

Now i will have to buy it on Steam too - anything which might push for more expansions/content for GD.


I had the music turned off for a few months. The Lament song really hit me after I turned it back on.
Also good to see Devil’s Crossing in the sunlight (had permanent night set in GI).

Looks like noone else is buying the soundtracks, hope im wrong cause this thing needs to sell like hotcakes too cause we know Crate needs all the money in the world to impress us with GD2… but i fear that all the soundtrack proceeds here goes direct to Skewsound :sweat_smile: