Grim Dawn Stash Manager and Custom Mods (Working)

For those of us using GDSM to organize items, I think I found a way to make GDSM work with custom transfer.gst files.

This is what i did :

  1. Loaded new character in custom game and played until the smuggler gets available. Opened the stash and closed it.

  2. Created a folder within the save directory of the custom game and named it Clean Slate Transfer GST. Copy and Pasted the transfer.gst from the custom save to the above folder.

  3. Backed up the main game transfer.gst and then deleted it.

  4. Then created a symbolic link from custom save to the main save of the transfer.gst (not the one within the Clean Slate Transfer GST folder)

  5. Then once in game, create new stash files with GDSM using the ADD command and choosing the .gst file and not empty stash. Then chose the file within the Clean Slate Transfer GST Folder.

I hope I wrote this clear enough.