Grim Dawn Steam Deck Performance

I’ve noticed a rather poor performance with GD on Steam Deck, having recently tried Diablo 4(free weekend) on the Deck the game runs extremely well on Medium, even High settings while GD is struggling even with the script that utilizes all CPU Cores. The FPS barely hits 60 fps, even with the lowest settings, when there are a lot enemies on screen it drops to 10-15 FPS. This is weird considering these are the Recommended Specs for the game:

OS: Windows 7 / Windows 10
Processor: x86 compatible 3.2GHz or faster processor (Intel 4th generation core i-series or better)
Memory: 6 GB RAM
Graphics: 1.5GB NVIDIA GeForce 500 series or ATI Radeon 6000 series or better
DirectX: Version 11

Now I get that GD isnt oficially supported on Linux nor does it have Vulkan API and hence this thread SUGGESTING that maybe the next update should focus on graphic optimizations and adding official Linux build or at least Vulkan API and a better Gamepad support would be great as well.