Grim Dawn Version

Thanks. Its here boys!

Thank a lot nice FX and nice Sound FX )


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Another awesome patch Crate <3

Considering “FSAA” is short for regular old Full-Screen AntiAliasing, don’t you mean “FXAA” (i.e. shader-based antialiasing) instead?


  • (Mythical) Soulrend: increased bonus to Phantasmal Armor to +4, added +2 to Necromancer skills, adjusted values on the skill proc

Finally Necro support for this. My Reaper is gonna reap.


The difficulty update is soooooo good! Thanks for the grate patch <3

Just thank you, Crate. You are absolutely amazing. So many great changes!

Mythical Runeguard Greaves: added 22% Chaos Resist

Fantastic. Chaos is one of the less accessible resists for the builds that runeguards support, and it’s great having a reliable source of it on a good pair of boots.

After some minutes into the game one thing began to bother me.
The new HUD that shows enemy name and health is too big! And the fact that it pops up every time in the game it is drawing my attention from the combat itself. It also keeps me from immersing into the game when I’m running, enjoying the nice scenery and suddenly a big wall of text slaps into my face with a huge health bar below.


Any chance to revert it to its old form or just toggle it off?

Aside from that, very nice patch!
Deferred Rendering greatly increased fps in my mid system!


What?! A buff to Runes :open_mouth: is this a dream?

Nice patch :partying_face:

About changes, really excited about QoL change. Also the class boost to Arcanist and also Termite mines activation.

From items perspective, love that some of Adoomgod thread proposals find place in the patch, including some of my feedback. Radaggan was barely used, but I predict it’s a hidden gem. Dark one is definitely interesting with Shaman support.

Also buff to Cold rune :slight_smile:

Not gonna lie, this patch feels awesome. Performance feels amazing right now. Thank you so much Crate. You are wonderful devs! <3

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Only one change for Necro? Keep ignoring squishy skeletons further.

This significantly changes the game, wow.


Did I miss this before or do some projectile/magic attacks now have illumination effects on the floor/walls? Is this new? I just noticed this fighting the Deaths Vigil…

erm the game feels awesome but the graphics (now with full settings) looks a little blurry not as sharp as before and yes i know there is a blur effect but i havent checked it :wink:

Damn thats a huge notes page man :o
cant wait to test things out

thank you guise, but one complaint, the redesigned item stash/item transfer buttons, ARGH! I am confused every time I open the stash :joy:


I also noticed this but wasn’t sure if I had just cloudy memories about the graphics since I haven’t played GD for a while. It’s probably the different Anti Aliasing that is coupled with the new Rendering.