Grim Dawn Version

Thank you very much, you are the best!


Thanks, you are the best!!!

Friggin fantastic!!!

I went in game to take a look at this. @zantai, I strongly encourage you to nerf this before people grow accustomed to it.

Guardian’s gaze is now OP.

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Just great! Many interesting changes.

Necromancer is a tank :smiley:

Nice patch!
But Z, please, stop peeing in aether strombox grave.
Allagast’s Masterpiece Set: reduced Aether damage modifier for Storm Box of Elgoloth to 80

What a great day to be alive!


Just upgraded GD! Thank you guys for your continuous updates.
Btw, could some tell me what I’m supposed to do to get my translation back? After installing them, the client says my localization file does not match current version of GD thus need a patch. I’m a little lost.

Just wait until the translation files for the patch are ready.

Wait for an update of your language in this part of the forum.

Incredible patch log and the weirdest thing is not even fully contains all the changes :astonished:

Lots of things to like:

  • new dungeon
  • epic&greens buff across the levels
  • some buffs to non set legendary gear
  • devotions changes look dope
  • weak skills are improved

Also some deserved or expected nerfs. And oh the storm beacons have less RR. I was just exploiting them :smile:

Thanks to you and the rest of Crate for all the hard work and dedication! :+1:


Thank you for all the work you’ve put into this. :slight_smile:

Awesome! Waiting for GOG release :slight_smile:

Lol. New Guardian’s gaze > Most tier 3’s.


I’m usually against frequent game changes, but this is the patch many have been waiting for! You guys rock! You have managed to create the best ARPG of all time!

And now it’s a perfect opportunity to delete my saves and start the entire journey from scratch!

Thank You :pray:

Only thing that sucks about this patch is I won’t ever have a reason to use any other illusions now that I have the great wolf. 10/10


Aww yeah! Thanks Zantai and crew for the patch.


I’m literally speechless after reading the patch notes…congrats, guys. You literally knocked it out of the ballpark. Again! :+1::+1::+1:

I’m comin’ for you, Z!!! :sunglasses: