Grim Dawn Version Hotfix 2

No download link anywhere.

Download link for what?

GOG and Steam update the game automatically so no download link is necessary unless you’re one of those pals with hooks and eyepatches.


how about enable game engine ability to use atleast 2 or 4 core CPU?


…it already does and has since 2006!


no its use only 1 core…

No. It doesn’t.

7th December 2018 stream:

Dragon_RW : Hi, will this engine still use a single core to do all processing?

Zantai: That is a misconception. I am well aware that the engine is heavily based on one core, it does not however run on a single core, it never has. We’ve actually made improvements to that over the years and it utilises additional cores more than it does many years ago. Could that be improved? With infinite resources anything can be improved, but there are diminishing returns.

ok genius, 4 core cpu , 1st core loaded by 100%,other 2-3-4 cores loaded by 5% and 20-40 fps in heavy fight, u can fight in words but ur game use only one core. so can i get answer devs wants to fix that or game already die?

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You’ve clearly gathered your own “evidence” to a question that’s been asked and debunked dozens of times over the years, so why would we bother going into it yet again.

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I use this utility available here to alleviate the CPU issue:

If CPU is your bottleneck it should help. I also highly recommend trying the in-game Deferred Rendering option as well, which improved performance dramatically for me.

Can confirm, deferred rendering improved performance for me a lot aswell.

Devs already said no.
I have 120+fps in 1440p resolution.
Sure it drops with heavy fights as any arpg game does due to the effects and calculations.
so, its your machine that is likely, old and combined with a user error there is little else to do

I saw the difference as well because I accidentally turned it off and played without it for some time. People get accustomed to the better incredibly quickly but truly see the difference when they go back to the worse.

I can concur. My old Intel i5-2500 runs the game ok as standard with a little stuttering, but setting the CPU affinity to use only cores 1 and 3 really makes a dramatic difference.

It probably depends on the user’s configuration and machine because I tried all the available tricks and didn’t see any change whatsoever.

Yep, I think it all eventually comes down to the quality of your hardware and configuration.

I am also currently wondering why besides Grim Dawn that a lot of people with supposedly state of the art equipment are having such problems with running other releases like Wolcen etc. With Wolcen, my equipment is well over 10 years old and I have had no problem or major crashes (apart from their many,many bugs that need fixing). My graphic card is an old HD5800 series which is well below their suggested minimum of a HD6850, but even at MEDIUM settings it plays the game quite comfortably at 1920 x 1080 and I have just played a straight 7 hour session without any crashes. I have yet to find a game that I have purchased that my old war horse setup cannot run at a reasonable quality. I realize that somewhere down the line that this is going change and some game is going to force me to upgrade – but let’s see what that game is, as I see nothing out there yet that is even close.

I suspect that a lot of the new modern PC components are not really as compatible or optimal as they propose to be. Lots of back yard manufacturers out there that create components that are not up to scratch that they sell to unsuspecting buyers.

What if you have 8 cores?

Scheduling and rendezvous.

Learn about these (and parallel programming in general) and you will wish you didn’t.

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