Grim Dawn Version Hotfix 1

Yeah, conduit is officially for the meme only build now… :rofl:

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New skill visuals (old aether WD included as well)

Thanks for the awesome patch.

Bonus screenshot:


Wow love the Guardian changes.

Some quick GT tinkering and Pyran+Blazeseer Guardian Shieldbreaker practically builds itself. All those extra skillpoints easily gets Guardians to 26/16 with an extra helping of BWC on the side.

I’m just loathe to make yet another shieldbreaker with yet another Pyran+Blazeseer build.

Not quite all of it. I hope Z doesn’t kill the Vindictive Flame conduit. I have good success with regen only demo builds powered by this conduit. Also, the aether cadence conduit is BiS for Krieg DKs.

edit: Upon closer look there’s still plenty of conduits that are alive and kicking. Its only the more popular and generalist ones that got gutted.

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That’s a great Hotfix, thank you :slightly_smiling_face:.
Changes to Wind Devil, Guardian of Empyrion, Storm Totem & Blade Spirit are much appreciated.

Mostly like the changes, especially with respect to conduit availability, but

wut? The net effect of the Conduit of Night Whispers Blade Spirit prefix change is a real head-scratcher. I went through the whole build compendium and found a grand total of three Nightblade builds that even take the prefix

all of which still reach 24/16 Blade Spirit points even after the change to Chillwhisper Mantle, meaning that all three builds still get +1 summon to Blade Spirit and now have a free choice of amulet. (Heck, if you want to maintain all the other perks of Conduit of Night Whispers you can now just take the Blade Barrier prefix, for example, at no loss to you!) Meanwhile, low-Blade Spirit investment Nightblades lose a splash-able (apparently offensively sub-optimal, e.g. outclassed by Mythical Night’s Embrace) defensive option.

Really hard to read this as a “balance” change rather than a “vendetta against non-meme Conduits” change.

Third build below (not in original post courtesy of new poster link limitations)

Thank you for proving yet again that you listen to the players. Specifically, that blade spirit change.

Everything else is just an awesome added bonus.

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Love the pseudo pet changes

The Mastery cap increase alone!

Amazing as always Crate!!

Threw this together quickly in discord with @Evil_Baka after the patch hit, it is very dumb but solid damage. Would steamroll campaign if you actually got the ridiculous greens but I tried SR65 for giggles and you are beyond paper thin.

edit: although if the pet attack command could get them to move into action as mobs came on screen, it would actually be a fun glass cannon. As it is the range is awful so you have to personally aggro most things


Looks great on paper for me (I would want to put something into SS as I can’t have NB without it, and I always prefer RoS to Judgment, but I get it’s the clear preference here given the Fire focus and all the bonuses). A lazy pet build that doesn’t have any actual pets (5?! Guardians and 3 BS).

I only really play campaign anyway so it’s not a big deal if it’s a bit squishy. A few Dreeg’s Omens will surely offset that a little.

It is buff for chillwhisper builds
Conduit just messed up everything

Meanwhile Pets be like

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Big fan of all those modifier fx changes.

By the way. Is the fx overhaul for base skill effects, which happened across earlier patches, complete?

Thank you for the Deathguard buff finally sir Z. Though i think the much needed nightfall rescale might hurt it. I will comeback with results on this. Really wanna see this set doing ok just like the others.

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Deathguard and acid in general really need defensive buff to their itemization.
I would think that some phys res, armor, and cc res will be appreciated.
General green devo should also be sprinkled some cc res somewhere.

Nightfall nerf is warranted… :laughing:
Hope it can still do fine though

I can’t believe that I am saying it BUT THIS FIXES EVERYTHING

tries to draw attention away from Flashbang Conduit


screenshot00 screenshot01 screenshot02 screenshot03

And where is convert? If Seal has Aether Color

Man we will get huge mods not Good Job.This is a modders dream.Hopefully we can get 80/80 masteries :smiley:

It’s probably the set bonus, which is the one thing you didn’t screencap

Edit: just saw the full size pics, no idea where the conversion is