Grim Dawn Version Hotfix 1

Hotfix 1 is now live up Steam, coming ASAP to GOG.

V1.1.6.1 Hotfix 1

[Mod Tools]

  • Increased the maximum number of Masteries to 80
  • Increased the number of Special Animation references per weapon category to 80


  • Certain Item Skill modifiers for Inquisitor Seal, Mortar Trap, Rune of Hagarrad and Rune of Kalastor now also change their visuals based on conversion


  • Fixed some Paperdoll display bugs/differences between v1.1.6.0 and previous versions.
  • Fixed a bug where the on screen keyboard would not be shown for search boxes when playing with a gamepad.
  • Fixed a bug where it was possible to fall through the floor in some locations.
  • Fixed a crash which would occur when using pet modifier skills.


  • Fixed an issue where Monster Totems would become desynchronized between Client and Host in multiplayer games.
  • Yurrith at the Tomb of the Heretic now has a chance to sell Conduit necklace blueprints.


  • Faction Augment - Irrah’s Blood: fixed the Defensive Ability unintentionally being replaced with Offensive Ability
  • Monster Infrequent - Leafmane Trophy: added 100% of Fire dealt as Vitality modifier for Inquisitor Seal
  • Relic - Arbiter: increased % Elemental damage to 42%, Defensive Ability to 35 and % Elemental Resist to 33%. Reduced Cooldown on the granted skill.
  • Relic - Conflagration: increased Energy Regeneration to 3 and replaced % Fire and % Lightning Resist with 20% Elemental Resist
  • Relic - Desolation: added 5% Attack Speed, 5% Cast Speed and 40 Defensive Ability. Increased % Lightning and % Electrocute damage to 60% and increased % Chance of Electrocute damage to 100% chance of 16 / 3. Adjusted stats on the skill proc.
  • Relic - Haunt: increased % Elemental damage to 48%
  • Relic - Juggernaut: adjusted % Chance of Physical damage + Stun to 100% chance of 9-14 Physical damage and 15% chance of 0.7s Stun
  • Relic - Sacrifice: adjusted % Chance of Vitality damage to 12 Vitality damage
  • Relic - Savage: increased % All damage for pets to 35% and replaced % Chance of Bleed damage for pets with 12 Elemental damage for pets
  • Relic - Slaughter: increased % Pierce damage to 40%
  • Relic - Squall: adjusted stats on the granted skill
  • Relic - Terror: added 12% Damage Reduction / 3s and 28 Defensive Ability. Removed Damage Reduction Retaliation. Increased % Resistance Reduction to 18% and increased Fear chance to 100% of 2.5s on the granted skill.
  • Relic - Zeal: increased % All damage to 40% and Defensive Ability to 40
  • Component - Riftstone: fixed this Component still having partial pieces. This issue affected owners of Forgotten Gods only.

Legendary Non-Set Items

  • Reduced crafting cost of Conduit necklaces
  • Bane of the Winter King: reduced Cold damage to 39-49 and reduced Cold damage for pets and players on the granted skill
  • Conduit of Destructive Whispers: replaced Mortar Trap modifier with a Chaos themed modifier
  • Conduit of Night Whispers: increased Fire damage modifier for Blade Spirit
  • Conduit of Runic Whispers: added 100% of Fire dealt as Pierce modifier for Rune of Kalastor variant
  • Conduit of Wild Whispers: replaced Storm Totem modifier with an Aether themed modifier, replaced Wind Devil modifier with an Acid themed modifier.
  • Mythical Aethereach: reverted removal of Aether damage for pets. Increased the Aether damage for pets to 18 and added 50% of Elemental dealt as Aether for pets.
  • Mythical Bane of the Winter King: reduced Cold damage to 68-86. Reduced Cold damage for pets and players on the granted skill. Added 28 Cold damage modifier for Mogdrogen’s Pact.
  • Mythical Boneweave Girdle: added +3 to Dread
  • Mythical Crimson Spike: added +3 to Dread
  • Mythical Pestilence of Dreeg: added +3 to Dread
  • Mythical Wrath of the Ascendant: added 45% of Vitality dealt as Aether
  • Voidheart: added +2 to Dread
  • Scion of Arcane Force: increased % Crit damage to 12% and increased Resist Reduction modifier for Cadence to 33 / 5s, added 50% Slow Resist
  • Scion of the Screaming Veil: reduced Cooldown on the skill proc

Legendary Set Items

  • Bonemonger Set: added 100% of Fire dealt as Aether modifier for Inquisitor Seal
  • Chillwhisper Mantle: replaced bonus to Blade Spirit with +2 to Night’s Chill
  • Cyclone Mark: reduced Lightning damage modifier for Thermite Mine to 25-95
  • Dawnseeker’s Light Set: fixed missing value change from v1.1.6.0.
  • Deathguard Set: replaced % Bleed Resist bonus with 60 Offensive Ability and 60 Defensive Ability
  • Deathguard Blade: increased % Crit damage modifier for Bone Harvest to 22%
  • Morgoneth’s Grip: increased Vitality damage modifier for Wind Devil to 100 and removed Shadow Strike modifiers

[Class & Skills]

  • Bull Rush, Maul and Blind Fury can now be bound to Channeled spells such as Albrecht’s Aether Ray and Drain Essence.


  • Mortar Trap: reduced Cooldown to 4.5s


  • Blade Spirit: max summons increased to 3 at ranks 24+
  • Nightfall: reduced % Weapon damage scaling at ultimate ranks to 65% by max ultimate rank and reduced Radius scaling at ultimate ranks to 6.0 by max ultimate rank


  • Storm Totem: reduced Cooldown to 4.5s and increased duration to 14s
  • Wind Devil: reduced Cooldown to 4.5s and increased duration to 14s


  • Summon Guardian of Empyrion: max summons increased to 3 at ranks 24+

PogChamp :heart_eyes:

All of these changes are very much apprechiated and should make anyone missing the old conduits very happy! It’s even great for blightlord builds.



An interesting surprise. Thank you Zantai Grim Dawn the videogame balance designer godlike entity <3

Nice hotfix, it’s good but not trying to be groundbreaking and change everything from the last patch.

Morgo Gloves no longer boosts SS. Bonemonger fire to Aether is it global or just Inquisitor Seal? If it’s global isn’t a good change cause will screw the tri - elemental builds.

Extra Blade Spirits and Deathguard are nice changes for sure.

Request : different animation between chain lightning and ultos


These changes are mighty appreciated, especially the player pet love and new FX.

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Ok this hotfix is fucking amazing

Love the extra blade spirit and guardian.

So many good changes here :+1:

Love the extra blade spirit and GoE!!!

Meanwhile bonemonger got another useless buff… :rofl:
BTW, those changes still doesnt apply in the game. It’s just the skill sfx is changed.

Should only affect inquisitor’s seal damage as all of the skill mod it has never affect global flat bonus.

Winter king just got a small poke and should still be towering above soulrend…

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GoE based player pet builds can have 5 guardians now… Sweet :grin:

thx for the work!

First off, props for the Blade Spirit change. I really couldn’t care less about that conduit mod getting changed but a lot of people did and this is a deceptively elegant solution that should make most everyone happy.

Second, I really can’t stress enough how awesome all these conversion fx are, and what a difference they make for my enjoyment of the game. Please never stop making them (and also if we can get an updated fx for cold Firestrike I can die a happy man).

Third, I still think Wind Devils should be permanent like Blade Spirits, but this is a great step forward in the quality of life department.

It feels weird to be so excited over a hotfix but these are seriously good changes.


Is there any explanation as to why totems are suddenly incredibly scarce and I can see none from Aetherial portals at all? In fact, I’m finding far fewer of them suddenly. I will do more tests, but this isn’t looking good. If it’s intentional, fine, but no mention of a change to the frequency or location of the totems was to be found in the patch here. It had to be this patch, too, as of this morning I was still finding them like normal, and now suddenly cannot.
EDIT: I am finding the actual totems now just by looking in the spots where I was seeing them before. It seems the fix to the sync between server and client now properly “hides” totems in fog of war. If this is intended functionality, then I ask, why? Isn’t there a better way to fix it? Maybe make totems a little harder or make the fights last a bit longer? Fixing the game to allow for the “desired level of tedium” seems like a poor choice. In fact, it further buffs builds that have multiple movement skills over other builds, because they can re-explore to find the totems faster. Since those builds are never really put at any disadvantage versus builds with 1 or fewer move skill in any other way, it doesn’t make sense to make the 1 or fewer move-skill builds even worse overall in this way. In fact, I’ve wondered this about a lot of the content in the game. Is there any effort being made to create some means of play where builds with less movement abilities aren’t disproportionately disadvantaged at all times?
Don’t take the criticism as anything more than a passing muse. I love the game. I just figured I’d pose some questions that might have interesting answers and promote the improvement of the game overall.

thx zantai :wink:

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We’ll have to investigate, but if this is the case, that is not an intended change.

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Thats Dervish, so hot right now. Dervish.

As always, thanks for your work.
Game feels better than ever…

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Thank you for increasing the masteries limit to 80. I know that some modders were running into the cap.

Any word on more bank stash or stacking equipment with the same name?



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The only reason I mentioned what I did in my edit is that I’ve seen decisions like this made in other games and was wondering if that’s the intent here. Honestly, I would understand if it was, as those totems are giving very easy and fast access to loot that would otherwise require longer grind and/or higher difficulty content. The best feature of them is their accessibility, so I was hoping if they got “changed” it would be their difficulty or duration, not their accessibility.
Also, wow that was a fast reply. I keep telling people I play PoE with that Grim Dawn is a great alternative for whenever they get tired of the current league, and one-by-one I’m getting them to try it out slowly. :stuck_out_tongue: You guys keep giving us more and more reasons to spread the word. Thanks a lot!