Grim Dawn Version Hotfix 2

Is the update out on Steam already? I haven’t gotten it yet

If you’re doing acid to phys, it’s good, because most Sentinel acid to phys builds are good. Actual acid EoR RATA has bad %AS, OA, and is glassy for a retal build without the damage output to make up for it. The only real set for this spec, Sentinel, also just took a heavy hit on the occultist side.

Thank you for this Z

Like the patch, more GD and less Animal’s crossing :smile:

Retal changes, nerf what is strong and buff the weak lightning.

Btw is acid Horn something?

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I mean fake pets meta and Blade Spirits in particular. Animal’s crossing it’s not my idea :sweat_smile:

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Check again - I had to wait until just now, too.

Hello, Dev team. Thanks for Hotfix. :relaxed:

By the way,
Did this patch fix the bug that NPC does not sell some MI ( added by FG)? :thinking:
It doesn’t seem to be written in the patch notes.

Edit: This has been fixed.

What bug?


are there any npcs selling fg MIs? because vanilla and AoM has these kind of npcs for their own MIs.

Some MIs added FG, They were sold in NPC as well (also in the AoM area NPC),
But,from v1.1.7.0, they were gone.

And Zantai has said below.

Edit: This has been fixed.

Why the hell there are so many nerfs if all the new crucible records done only due to aggro fix?
And buffed RtA is fine. The weakest set in the game

Absolutely undeserved. The head slot is one of the strongest in itemization. You nerf the damage while not giving some defence back for the archetype that works only with proper piloting

Killed every build that utilized the conversion, brilliant move

" Sentinel of the Three Set "

Even Now Looks so O.P. for me. :money_mouth_face: :partying_face:

I just updated the version of the game client and checked it.
The following two bugs appear to have been fixed.

They’re not listed in the patch notes, but they’re sneaky and classy.
Thanks for Dev-Team’s Ninja Fix !! :v:


Good catch was first thing I was wondering “So martins is still screwed up?” lol


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I’m most grateful for technical fixes even though those problems didn’t occur to me. None will care about balancing if game runs into bugs. Good job!

Ooh, that should make some Necros happy

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That’s great, eager to see actual numbers on proc in GT.
The only thing - vit to phys conversion is still competely useless.

Reducing %WD was on point, however flat - ehm… I’ll just say that I support banana’s position here.
Acid HoG still sounds like garbage though.

Build deserved nerf, that’s true, but again it’s not a direct hit. Losing 80 flat on caster and losing 80 flat on melee - these are two competely different things. It would be great, if useless retal and RtA had been removed entirely.

Awesome, now gargabol rings can be dropped with phys affixes.

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So, dervish not allowed ? :thinking:

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