Grim Dawn Version

It is actually and have quite a damage but squishy. Though you still have to invest some unnecessary points into spirit just to wear helmet/plus it has low armor.

BTW, this change is great. I loved it. But… The change also destroyed all builds that uses random conduit amulets for stats :rofl: Like my Shieldbreaker now has Conduit amulet with fire>Chaos conversion and I checked all other Demo Conduits, non of them has proper conversion to use in a fire build.

I mean, if you only care about the +1 to all skills you can farm some Kaisan’s amulets.

What I mean by stats is not just +1 all skills, +X% maximum to all resistances, good elemental resistance + random resistance along with health bonus and +2 to another skill and mana bonus, regen, less damage from eldritch etc.

I really don’t get this one. Can someone explain this? Was it discussed previously that Conjure Primal Spirit was too OP or something? Was it buffed this patch to compensate (aside from the blanket buffs)? The wraith and medal time bonuses were buffed but the skill’s cooldown was also increased. Beastcaller’s live bonus was completely removed, why?! Why not keep it? Why not give some options if we want to use the skill instead of forcing us to use both the wraith and the medal now?

LOL, been a while since the last storm totem nerf. Guess it’s time for that again.

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Is this update the last one for Grim Dawn or will there any future updates?

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There are many interesting additions in this update, some frustrating but expectable nerfs (like AAR, the tradition is hard to pass by :laughing:). Even Rimetongue set got nice buffs, thanks for much needed Physical Resistance. But I cannot understand two things:

Why gimping already not great RR skill? Duration time is twice shorter than cooldown, bad devotion proccer, useful in melee range only, and helmet slot occupation, which conflicts with many sets. What was the reason, really?.. :thinking:

Previous nerfs were not enough for the set, were they? :face_with_raised_eyebrow: Did I miss some monster Valguur Sigils build in the last patch?

Oh well. Thanks for the update anyway :slightly_smiling_face:. Let us try new SR then.


@afanasenkov26 Are you gathering Build dead / bad video proofs? :rofl:
crfail1 crfail2 sr fail1

[edit] He is [Suggestion] Chaos Sabo could definitely use some love


stands in gargabol volcano and complain about ded build.

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Interesting how you looked to the most insignificanf part
And probably missed one-shot from reaper and being hardly able to leech from him too.

Did not notice a Reaper death in the video I watched. But welcome to the “got one-shot by Reaper in SR75 club” :slight_smile:

Is this the part where the self proclaimed “elite” player(s) get knock down several notches because they are now forced (with very high justifications IMO) to build differently because they can’t cheese stuff with builds they could before?

I don’t think anyone needs to watch any video to figure that one out.

Welcome to the new world, may god have mercy on your soul should he decide that it is right to do so.

On a serious note, I don’t have enough digits to count the number of times I was disintegrated in SR 75 faster then I could even respond…even a potion or the absorb damage shard would not have been able to keep my death from occurring once they ran down or were on CD. Yup HC. Couldn’t even pause the game fast enough to exit and this was with 18-20k hp 3200+ da toons before this patch. Could only imagine now but I do look forward to how the rooms are set up, even with the non balanced 60+

I spent a few hours just doing HC 55-56 non meta builds and found that to be quite pleasant and felt the changes were very healthy for the game. You can still pull the whole room if you like or you can do 2-3-4, it gives options and actually helps off meta stuff (for those who want to play “their” builds) to achieve success. As with anything else with non finite scaling, you will always have a meta to push. It’s inevitable.

People will find those and move on as they do with every other patch. The difference is, when it comes to SR, the play options just exploded through the roof and have given so many choices in builds that can reach decent levels. Can’t speak to CR changes and almost anything can do MC.

The only bad side of this patch…is that it is the last big one😢

Did you re-import the database into GDStash? Need to do that every time there’s a patch.

I have it. Have you loaded database in GDStash?


Pet buffs are cool tho.

Also, most elite builds GD stashes their builds and items, so what have they lost really? 1h in Grim Tools and GD stash :slight_smile:

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Right…I’ve easily lost over 1k hrs in HC of my 3500+ playtime. All SSF. Not that I regret it but I wish it would only take 1 hr to get back some of the toons I lost :pensive:

When these big patches hits, I just “start over” again. I did it in 1.1.7 for instance, deleted everything :slight_smile:


I personally couldn’t be happier if game forces me to be creative and find new ways to build my toons. If I go back to my old character will always notice something suboptimal, which can be changed to improve my character. And also new/changed gear fitting like a glove in my already assembled characters.

So new major patch is always exciting. But as you said the sad thing is that this is the last one.


Exactly as you write. Pure pleasure :relaxed: