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What i mean is sometime dev changed/added the new skill mod to items without adding the atk/cast speed for it. Every weapons/off hands support for PB should have cast speed. Of course anyone can try the PB + RF or any other combos (i did use Cadence + AAR BM when i 1st tried GD), but then i believe a lot more players will want to try spam PB with the new mod than PB + RF

@narkan10 Mythical Cowl of the Venomblade could be good with its Elemental to Acid :thinking: but I see you took Ravager’s helm for cooldown

maybe but spam penalties from transmuter on top of this weapon seem to be very harsh

if you wanna get attack/cast speed on all weapons that was changed/got modifiers for a skill they support that uses the opposite speed than what’s on the weapon; you’re gonna be making a very long list :grin:
it’s sadly fairly common…

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Yeah found this out last night, what a bummer, I have a lot of PTO and was really looking forward to making some alts as I set this game down from PC long ago and just re-discovered it on xbox and have been loving it. Hope they get the xbox merit patched soon.

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Hello! Developer!

After so many updates, the game has become more and more fun. However, I have seen your unique design thinking on monster infraquents and the cool and changes of item sets. However, although epic equipment has been strengthened, no one has used epic item sets to establish some BD, I think the game can add some surprising changes to make it more playable.

Well, let me start with the color. Yes, it is. Purplish red should belong to solar, which is the color of legend. It is a kind of professional evolution. Green is dreeg, which represents this change and extreme. Then blue should be the color of bysmiel. Basically, epic item sets will give players an additional skill, You have enhanced their attributes in previous versions, but players will not choose them because of this attribute change. Therefore, since legendary item sets have greatly strengthened their classes, why can’t epic item sets strengthen the skills given? For example, stonefather doubles the skill range of earthquake, increases a certain amount of damage, and makes it look like an ordinary gift skill. There are many epic item sets similar to auxiliary classes, which make the auxiliary skills they give more practical. I think this will be a very exciting change.

blue set item builds exists
some were actually so strong they were much stronger than legendary sets and were nerfed/dialed back because of it
if you give every epic item/sets modifiers you basically just turn them into legendaries, and removes part of what sets them apart as Epics
Epics are fine as is, Zantai has even shown willingness to buff some when a case can be made for their utilization in a build and it doesn’t perform adequately/as intended

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You may not quite understand what I mean. I hope that epic package can strengthen the skills after the collection of packages, rather than simply enhance them. This is completely different from the concept of legendary package. If you want to use these skills, you need to wear a complete set of packages, so as to avoid replacing the position of legendary package.

again, legendary sets already does this
if you apply it to epic sets then you remove what sets them apart from legendaries

Epics do have their place in GD as @Gnomish_Inquisition pointed out and Legendaries get item modifiers to distinguish themselves as the superior item class.

That being said, there are some interesting sets that can be quite powerful and some have interesting conversions/procs that can be used nicely.

I also noticed that the audio channels are reversed. Hopefully another patch is in the works to fix this. Would also like to see at least a 1440p resolution for Xbox series X.


42-46" TV screens still have text and UI size issues. Need a little more magnification please.

This was all I was asking for, thanks. FINALLY :3 :> <3

Too slow 


I have to agree on UI sizing for TV’s for Xbox. I have to sit rather close to the tv to read my resistances easily or see bonuses on items. It could use another couple bump options.

Also any chance you could add the ability to make a 1 button press for active and non combat skills? Controller on xbox only allows for 8 buttons I believe, and currently I am playing a pet class and it goes like this:

1 - pet
2 - pet
3 - pet
4 - Bonds of Bysmiel
5 - Mogdrogen’s Pact
6 - Primal Bond
7 - Curse of Frailty
8 - Blood of Dreeg

4, 5, and 6 are non-combat skills. I don’t see a reason why I shouldn’t be able to bind them to 1 button to activate all of them. As it sits, I only have 2 buttons for active combat abilities, leaving me no room to use Wind Devil as an offensive ability.


6 sec Dummy kill ez

Screenshots of new conduits effects from Web Archive / Google Cache and videos

Pierce AAR



I have a Question. Do we get a higher resolution on xbox in the future, because I found a resulution option, but only 1080p is available.

Welcome to the forum. :slightly_smiling_face:

Crate have said if they can get their hands on a dev kit then they will be looking at this.

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