Grim Dawn Version v1.0.0.9

A great QoL improvement! Nice!

A great patch overall, thanks.


The rework to Thorn Girdle of the Misty Glade is not much (i.e. at all) of a loss to Acid/Poison builds as they tend to use Dreeg set wich is fairly low on resistances so they usually use the belt slot for that (Sash of the Immortal Sage or an MI from Valbury).

Not to mention that Girdle of Stolen Dreams greatly outshines (+1 Occ skills an craploads of OA) Thorn Girdle for an offensive choice too.

This belt was merely a leveling tool now at least is BiS for some freakish niche Grasping Vines build (if you’re high enough :wink: )

Eh, Thorn Girdle always seemed like more of a Retaliation item to me than Acid/Poison. The only worthwhile stat on there before for an Acid/Poison character was the % bonuses. There’s nothing offensive about it, no % attack speed/casting speed, % crit damage, no OA, no good skill bonuses, better choices for resistances. Even then, the percent bonuses mean squat when you have over 1 000% by end game.

Talk about missing the point.
Never said Thorn Girdle was BiS for poison builds. I have a venomblade WH and a DEE caster and they both use rare (Valbury) belts.

Whether you use Thorn Girdle on your character or not, the point is:
there are ZERO legendary belts for Acid/Poison damage right now.

It looks/feels disgusting when you search item databases for legendary belts for Poison/Acid and get nothing. Even more so for beginners.

It kinda highlights one of the main criticisms for Grim Dawn — very few good items to choose from.

The expansion is probably gonna fix that though.

nerf train choo choo… well at least I grinded and enjoyed a build for a couple of weeks before it was nerfed to crap. Sigh no good chars to farm ultimate anymore. I think its time to take a break till expansion.

Why have cool items in the game then make them useless. If your going to remove stun and freeze from the game at least make it so slows do something. Please change all items that make enemies weak to freeze and stun since they are pointless… make them weaker to slow so maybe it becomes noticeable when a nemesis/boss is smacking the crap out of you. Thx.

I’m sorry you can’t chain freeze bosses anymore.

Crowd Control is intended as a mechanic against, as the name suggests, Crowds. The particular amulet made it possible to chain cc bosses. After, it is possible to briefly freeze them, which is still a very powerful tool for interrupting abilities.

The build you seem insistent is dead because of this is likely even stronger with this update than it was before due to other changes, but it can no longer completely trivialize bosses.

I understand that perma freeze bosses is bad, but now you don’t do anything to bosses and any items with freeze/stun/reduce freeze/stun resistance have no bearing on anything. Yah it works on trash… but… its trash you know the stuff that doesn’t pose any threat in the game. Just delete the items or change their properties. I just did a run on a few things today not realizing hit till I quit and saw the menu. I was wondering why I was getting my ass handed to me and tried a few various top end bosses once I saw the notes… There was no freezing on them at all and if there was it was so brief it didn’t even see it. Couldn’t you change it that bosses can be frozen for 1-2 seconds and never again for another 15 or something? Give freeze/stun some relevance? More items than the amulet have been effected by this change (I actually think its the combination of the amulet/mace that really made this broken not the ammy exclusively, and both items were nerfed). changing the proc to slow was fine, just make it so slow can actually work on something else besides trash.

Just to confirm will this be a never touched again change? Would like to dust all items that have freeze/stun and reduce/increase freeze/stun on them, as they are taking up inventory space and no point in saving items for builds that will never amount to anything except novelty. I’m too casual for that. Also yes thanks for the other buffs, now all spellbreakers will mainly be DM sets… I love having less build options and more dependency for BiS items.

That should really change. The mobs-at-your-level-not-posing-any-threat-to-you part, I mean.

Perhaps it’s time to release the dactyls?

A piece of gear doesn’t always have to perfectly fit a build.

Thinking on this topic, one of the things I like with games like Grim Dawn is that they don’t always give or tell you what your end game gear is going to be. When I can’t find a piece of gear for a build that’s a standout “this will work well for my build”, I actually find it fun looking through and finding and comparing the next best to use item even if it doesn’t fit the build i’m going for.

As for your example of an Acid/Poison character, FunkyGandalf mentioned that Girdle of Stolen Dreams is still a solid item as many Acid/Poison characters are part Occultist and it’s great for OA. Spellbreaker Waistguard would also be a good option for Venomblade Witch Hunters off the top of my head for the Nightblade bonus, some of the flat Cold will convert to Acid and you’ll still probably benefit from the Pierce % bonuses. Get imaginative :p.

Great work. Looking forward for that expansion you are working on :slight_smile:

At least make the damage/debuffs apply to bosses/nemesis since we can’t freeze them.

Seems so silly to invest highly into one skill (OFF) that deals damage, reduces resistance and applies crowd control, only to be completely nullified by bosses/nemesis.

I hear yah, make these abilities/items do SOMETHING. I’m fine with a slowing debuff, but I don’t think slow works on any top bosses and if it does its 99.99999% resistant.

At least we got to have fun with our sweet, sweet abuse-of-mechanics builds. I got Cooldown Reduction reduced on almost every item and 1 skill, so… ¯_(ツ)_/¯

I still feel kinda bad about that. RIP Banshee

yah my initial point was rushed and more emotional and I agree it needed nerfing… just not to the point of being useless (two item dependency vs needing sets).

I updated my replies to note that all this does is increase item reliance on this particular build and reduces variety of ways to build cold spellbreakers. I thought this was something the Dev’s would be more open to as a concept; however its probably easier to kill some items than fix mechanics without the prospect of abuse.

I completely agree that freezes shouldn’t trivialize a boss, or any other CC mechanic. However, I think the idea of CC not applying to bosses is perhaps a bit antiquated and also a flaw in that it ultimately exacerbates the limitation of build diversity able to hit Ultimate level difficulty content. After all you’ve invested into a skill that is rendered mostly ineffective against a particular set of content, which happens to be ‘gatekeeper’ kind of content.

I understand that only affects a certain small percentage of players but I still think it’s of some value to look into creating CC that works but at a reduced impact against bosses. Freeze adding some slow to a boss, Stuns causing some slight fumble, etc. etc. Otherwise it seems that a decent amount of effort is going into skills and items that are being generated that are really not that interesting if they just end up consistently placing the player at a disadvantage when fighting bosses.

This is a bit of stretch but some of the reason why a smaller percentage of players get into the higher difficulty levels of the game could, in part, be because of skills that they want to use that just aren’t that effective later on. I know I tend to lose interest pretty rapidly with the existing meta when cool build ideas I have aren’t very effective because of some of these types of mechanics and I end up with similar iterations of the same skill sets all the time.

OFF is ridiculously OP against trash: unmatched RR shred, huge AOE, and complete incapacitation. Having it take effect against bosses even at a reduced level would require significantly lowering its overall effectiveness, or else it would trivialize other skills in comparison.

I use OFF on my warlock because it still works on 95%+ of the enemies in Gladiator. OFF is a “win more” game mechanic: it’s brutally effective at neutering trash so that you can focus on the real threats, which is the whole point of “crowd” control instead of “boss” control.

Look at how stupidly powerful Searing Light, Circle of Slaughter, and Mark of the Apostate are as an example of what happens when bosses can be debuffed using CC.

And they been getting nerfed every patch… maybe we should just remove them from the game or make them pointless because they trivialize content like freeze :slight_smile: OFF is easy to fix don’t give it a massive AoE range, boom not as OP anymore. The trash thats scary is already high resistant to freeze (hulks anyone) the weaker trash dies from Nightchill aura for spellbreakers ffs >_< so I don’t know why people even use trash mobs as an argument for anything. You can literally walk by enemies and they die, no clicks required… maybe we should nerf VoS and Nightchiil as well

Unfortunately it is a bit of a stretch and any impact in that regard would be negligible. Small percentages of players reaching the end or “endgame” is fairly consistent across the gaming spectrum from what I’ve seen. Even with the most popular games showing low percentages relative to their player base in most cases.

Seems people in general just simply have too low of an attention/interest span.

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Christ, people are crying about this?

You guys were deleting end-game bosses from existence before they could even land a hit on you, see something wrong there?

It’s pretty similar to thermite mines nerf, so no point in crying about it.

Also people who think not being able to freeze enemies suddenly breaks those builds then you don’t know hot to play the game imo. Also in case someone doubts it then i do support this nerf.

I will take your side on the OFF part. Why does it have -fire res?

Warpfire + night’s embrace nerf means OFF’s debuff is useless. I think you guys might want to rework that skill
Maybe turn it into Ice Nova (spammable Cold spell, cause lord knows this game needs more cold skills)

5.9 mb update? Hotfix?