Grim Dawn Version v1.1.9.6

Messenger of War is missing 30% all retalitation damage.
In this patch notes, it’s said to be 120% altogether but it’s actually 90% in live game.

Thank you for the patch, guys.

RIP AAR :((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((

PS: Thanks for the patch. Best devs ez. <3

Tell me, please, in the list of changes for the relic Deathstalker there is no description, and in Grimtools it gives out changes, but it does not write which ones. Where is the mistake? Thanks.


I can’t believe they deleted AAR from the game in this patch. How could they!
You can’t even select it on the Arcanist tree anymore!!!


you know, sth already dead cannot die


Crate constantly amazes me with the amount of attention they continue to pay to a game that has more than already exceeded expectations, thanks for all your dedication and hard work. :+1:



LOL! I don’t know why you guys buff necromancer, has no sense.

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Time to break out all my mediocre ranged builds again.



Hi, i have one question about game. I end normal/veteran with 85 lvl, when i start play on Elite, mobs have 60-70 lvl. It is too easy. Does scaling lvl works? How to make the gemplay more difficult? It is possibile to start play on Elite with 1 lvl?

Hello, you buy a stone of the savior from the merchant Asgra and use it. open access to all difficulties at once ))

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Thanks again for the Patches that will bring us again to playing :slight_smile: As I am normally a Necromancer Petbuildplayer I can see “only” a few small but good changes for my build and I am happy that I did not got nerfs for my build. So thank you again. I love it!

Probably because there are players that love Necromancers or Petbuilds like me. I prefer to play only Petbuilds.

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You could switch to Elite a bit earlier. Seems so that you play in normal mode and try to get the whole game to 100% in the normal mode. With future builds you will see that you probably can rush a bit faster to reach the next stage… Then you can make it a bit more difficult for yourself. I think Grim Dawn is not made to play it just onetime with only one build.

And of course what ValeraMXM says. Then you can switch directly I think. :slight_smile:

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-Hey, what’s the most recent book you’ve read?
-Grim Dawn’s patch notes.

But seriously don’t know if I am gonna try anything newer but some of these changes are looking “hot” and kudos for redesigning ranged gameplay/weapons.


Ranged got better but Darkblaze got nerfed. :cry:

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Thanks for this Patch!

Game still recieving updates after all this time. Grim Dawn is truly something special, and it’s aging really well. There is something to say about games that keep living far beyond their prime days. They’re called…“classics”.

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The added passthrough on Plunderer’s Talisman relic and Korvaak’s Brand medal can compensate for the Darkblaze nerf. I tested my good old Darkblaze pyro with these items and it’s performing great, might even be better than ever before.

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