Grim Dawn Version v1.1.9.7

  • Monster Infrequents → Kaisan’s Burning Eye: added % All Retaliation damage → not found any change, maybe i am blind or you missed it :slight_smile:


Grim Tools has it Kaisan's Burning Eye - Items - Grim Dawn Item Database so it should be in the game
Maybe you mean the other kaisan amulet or updated incorrectly.

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no item shown in your link :smiley: will check that database tomorrow again :smiley: good night xD

ok well, now i could not find any sleep so i looked again, and yeah SORRY nothing missing here :smiley: i was checking “Kaisan’s Eldritch Eye” instead of the Burning one… haha, pardon me :smiley: thx for leading me to this!

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  • Reduced monster % Cold Resist by 6% on Ultimate difficulty and 3% on Elite difficulty
  • Conduit of Arcane Whispers: added 100% of Lightning dealt as Cold modifier for cold variant of Albrecht’s Aether Ray

Woot, time to bust out the cold lazer beams again.

Niiiice. I have not played the game in months, busy with D2 Resurrected and testing D4, but this increased drop rate makes me want to go back again, do some dungeon crawling. I have been playing since the alpha and I never found any of the legendary Alkamos rings. I wish the Sentinel’s blueprint drop rates have been tweaked too, I still have not gotten the blueprint for the 50th level Legendary caster helm from him.

I am not sure you’re supposed to be talking about it, but ok :slight_smile:

I can mention it, I just cannot give you any details. It’s already in the past anyway.

That’s good to hear, I have 3927 hours and still only have 1 of the rings.

Cold Lazor!!

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Thank you, nice updated :grinning:

  • Dawnseeker’s Light Set: increased % Retaliation added to Attack modifier for Savagery to 7%
  • Virtue’s Ward: replaced bonus to Haven with +2 to Divine Mandate
  • Mythical Warborn Gavel: increased Physical damage modifier for Reaping Strike to 160

But, is this working? :thinking:

4,8 mb “patch” this morning… what was changed?! :eyes:

good question. Saw it some minutes before…


thx medea! :partying_face:

Literally the first run after the update, lol:


Obviously needs to be reverted, that’s too good. :scorv:

Yep, it works! Time to hit all the dungeons. :slight_smile:


Would be too late if reverted in v1.1.9.8 because people will have farmed enough. :rofl:

The real test is purple Alkamos rings.