Grim Dawn Version v1.1.9.7

Well, sure, but in all my time doing Alkamos runs, I never even got the Epic level 94 versions either. So this is a first.

When I was farming alkamos for 3rd time now (before the update with buffs came), I had collected around 15 blue ring sets before purples came along.

A similar story a few years back was with outcasts helmet & honestly this buff is good cuz artificially making things hard for all of us won’t do any good. We already got a lot of grind in real life and finally, when u come back from work or lessons u can run a few dungeons and get some of those goodies.

This feels like one of those quality updates similar to auto-loot imo. :ring:


The Desolator is all good, I just got a bad damage roll. Thanks.

If anything went missing, please report it as a bug and we’ll address it for the next update!

Omg AAR is finally decent again after some patches <3 …
I’VE CUM BECK FROM SE DED… To thank you for updating :>

I also saw that you’ve buffed “my” physical FoI build (Grim Dawn - Flames of Ignaffar Paladin vs Ravager of Flesh - YouTube) by giving the TOME some decent modifiers hehe <3.

This is the best ARPG ever made (so far :-)))))) ), the QUINTESSENTIAL ARPG imo. And I won’t ever forgive my beloved game magazines to rate this masterpiece anything below 99%.

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@cancery1987 Are you using the Mythical Pyroclasm Mark by chance? This converts both the Physical and Fire Damage on Vindictive Flame to Lightning Damage:


Wow thank you so much !

When is the new patch?!

When it’s ready. :man_shrugging:

Also if u can’t wait u can play on the testpatch version FYI.

Thanks, where can I get it to play?

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Good afternoon. And when is patch expected? Are the dates known?

When it’s ready. :man_shrugging:

Also if u can’t wait u can play on the testpatch version FYI.

Thank you, I know that you can play on the test version, but I’m interested in the release date.

When Zantai decides it’s ready then he’ll release it. No eta atm.

thanks, you say democracy ))

looks like the patch will be released within the next two weeks