Grim Dawn Version v1.2.0.0 + v1.2.0.1 + v1.2.0.2 + v1.2.0.3 Hotfixes

Dense. Good word to start off with. At least everyone who wanted GD2 will be placated by 1.2 hahaha

Ty very much Crate, my fav game, very appreciate team’s job with community feedback, it’s a rare thing nowadays.

“New Accessibility Feature: Disable Day-Night Cycle. By enabling this, the game will be perpetually set to noon.”

Regarding this, I personally find brighter settings more inaccessible. Can you make it so we can also set it to midnight? I am visually impaired and love it when it is night.


“The Bonebleach special map has been disabled. It may return in the future after some much needed maintenance.” omg yes, good.

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Two words.

  1. Blade

  2. Trap

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You know it!

Well, rewelcome to the forums then!

I didn’t post in the new forums for a while, it took a bit to get used to but now I like them more than the old ones.

Any chance we could get a full conversion modifier for either Cold → Vitality or Aether → Vitality for Drain Essence on an item or an affix for a mythical?

Also, maybe get Vampiric Presence available as either a player skill for Necro, or at least available as a granted skill from an item? It’d fit many of the playstyles offered extremely well and I could definitely see it being a reason to take Necro as a 2nd class for some people.

I am both looking forward to, and dreading, this upcoming patch, as I mostly play Dawn of Masteries and my first level 100 is a Harbinger of Chaos on DoM that has beaten nearly everything so far. Will probably play around on my doom bolt occultist til they update, whee!

I have two concerns and they’re kinda tied together, and I am curious if they’re being touched on in any upcoming updates.

First concern: the keybinding is…limited. I’m used to being able to do most things on one hand, and the 6 to = keys are not used. Function keys are also not used, as that’s too much a stretch. I prefer using modifier keybinds such as alt+R, but GD doesnt support that innately, which leads to the second concern:

I use autohotkey to get around these issues, but it requires a gimmicky workaround to get it to recognize Grim Dawn, whose window title is “GrimspaceDawnspace” (replace space with the actual space character).

I’m not sure what applications one can get otherwise (I never really looked into it), but even removing that extra space at the end of the window title would be a nice improvement. Innate support for key combinations would be even better! please?

Late edit: spent a few hours trying to make AHK work cleaner, no dice. tried various other programs to remap keys…same result. Sad cat.

Hi masters, is there a place where I can check out the1.2.0.0 rewards for each Shattered Realm level?

What do you mean by rewards? Loot or things like skill/attribute points when completing certain levels?

Already exists… :eyes:
Well, not a full 100% one but there are items that let you fully convert damages you requested.

I’m aware there are items which have %conversion for all damage of that type, I was asking if it would be possible to have an item with a skill specific 100% type modification for Drain Essence, just as many, many other skills have items which do that.

100% Aether to Vit item is not there indeed and wouldn’t be bad to have I think. The reverse is present in the game.
There’s full Vit → Cold shield for Drain essence and it’s been used successfully.

That’s what I was thinking, and if it were added, maybe an item slot which doesn’t have a great option for a Drain Essence build right now? Shoulders, maybe?

Mythical Lifeblaze Mantle - Items - Grim Dawn Item Database ← Am I a joke to you? :grin:

item treasure chest, for example, the color of the treasure chest I completed on the 91st floor is different from the 76th floor

there is no place/guide/database/wiki currently that discloses the breakdown of chests/containers with variable loot tables
basically higher quality chest = more/better loot, so you get more chances of legendaries than a lower tier chest
^i would assume this concept still also applies accordingly to the new SR chests to some degree

Uh, yeah, that item looks pretty doodoo. I would absolutely pick something else.