Grim Dawn Version v1.2.0.0 + v1.2.0.1 + v1.2.0.2 + v1.2.0.3 Hotfixes

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it’s happening bois ! image image

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This is unexpected and sounds awesome. I haven’t played in over a year but this will make me return.

It really must be a labour of love for you guys to still be working on GD after all this time.

les mods DOM et ROT seront ils affectés ?

Don’t fool us.
You already spoiler it within playtest when added new empty tags at DLC section. :joy:

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Yes, you will need to wait for the mods to be updated to v1.2 before you can play them properly again.

Time to farm again for MI’s

Been farming for days and it actually works

Great stuff! Rly looking forward to 1.2! And I hope it has a green Aether-Ray that shows us the power of poison! :smiley:

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Please, let this be a +3 and I’ll be the happiest warlord in the world! :laughing:

Fantastic stuff as always, thanks Crate for giving us even more awesomeness with every patch.

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Every game I play, people talk about how the game company screws them over and stops supporting the game.

Everytime I hear that I tell people to look up Crate and the amazing support you keep offering well after the point that you need to.

GD is simply the best supported game I have ever played and the amount of hours I have on both PC and Xbox is insane.

Now, with the expansion and this amazing patch, I hope 2024 will have news on GD2!!!

Oh, and I still think GD would be an amazing and easy Switch port!!!


Who’s fooling? You didn’t like my screencap? :thinking:

Very unlikely - if they already worked on GD2, why would they release another big expansion for GD1? :sweat_smile: I mean Crate isn’t a studio with hundreds of devs that would allow them to split efforts between working on an expansion and an entirely new game. Not to mention that FoA is without doubt supposed to prolong GD1’s life-cycle, attracting both GD vets and completely new players, boosting GD’s sales. So it wouldn’t make any sense for Crate to announce GD2 anytime soon as that would only make many people wait for it instead of going for GD1 / FoA, making it much harder for Crate to properly cover the time/costs spent on making FoA.

Personally, I’m not complaining - GD is as close to ARPG perfection as it can be so I don’t really see how GD2 could significantly step-up such a polished formula. Maybe it can look even better (even though GD looks great for a 2016 game!) but that will also come at a cost of higher HW requirements and I don’t feel like upgrading my PC anytime soon so I couldn’t be happier that GD (which my low-end gaming rig can run smoothly in 1440p) is getting even more content rather than GD2 being announced :upside_down_face:

Devotion of Dreeg

did you mean Deception of Dreeg?

I actually agree with this. As someone who also play it a bit on Xbox and want to start to focus on it soon so i can catch up with PC Progress, it’s always painfull to read / go through Items on that because it misses the Rainow-Filter . Tooltips in such Game are often pretty wonky, (i see it now on D4 as well) 'cause you get a sh*t ton of loot, and readibility is one of the most important things(esp. the ones with many stats). And i dunno, GD Tooltips generally are one of the best i’ve seen so far but it still simply misses the rainbow filters.

And while on PC you can help yourself with Mods, on Xbox you are kinda screwed, that’s why i hope Crate would reconsider their stance in this in the future. I mean i’ve some other suggestion / wished for the Xbox Port, like 4K, Mouse & Keyboard Support but especially Loyalist Pack get released, but for me Rainbow Filter is kinda the most vital of it, so i hope that will atleast make it someday into Game. (i mean doesn’t need to be the fullblown Rainbow-Filter which also colorize item-names with their affixes, but the different stattypes highlighted that would be important imho).

does this mean ranged characters will now be able to have run speeds of 131%?

is this a 20% damage increase, or a visual change?

So much good stuff!

Default cap is 135 % so we’re talking 141% here! And yes, it sounds like that would be the case - and I definitely like that! It’s been discussed that most ranged attackers can’t really keep their distance in endgame because of how fast the monsters become so this (along with the new Evade ability) could somewhat help without really breaking the game! Yay!

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Grim misadventure when.


Great news 16 is coming soon!

You guys are evil. You’ve already killed Diablo 4, now you’re just spitting on its grave with this incredible patch!


I agree, arguments and criticism are always welcomed, but many of those are just like, immature, and baiting for dramas, the rest could be quite constructive.

From what I’ve seen over the years, Grim Dawn has been like, the best supported game I’ve seen so far (but I have never been kind of a game geek guy, so I haven’t been in much of game community btw)