Pit Bosses Discussion

Wow, I love that! 3 things I’m the most excited about:

  1. Arcane bosses no longer completely cancelling your buffs - that was one mechanic I truly hated!
  2. Getting rid of healing/energy potions - finally i won’t have to periodically sell them in town as I tended to have surplus of them with most of my builds (and then I found myself short of them sometimes in early game or crucible) - thank you.
  3. Being able to go straight from Normal to Ultimate even without a merit - nice!

That being said, I’m surprised I haven’t found two other changes in the changelog:

  1. Built-in rainbow filter. Sure, I do have the mod for that (and I will probably keep using it even if GD has its own as I didn’t like some of the default color coding so I fine-tuned it to my liking) - I just don’t get how anyone can still play GD without any color coding at all (keeping the game quite unfriendly towards players who can’t or don’t want to install any mods). I remember getting so overwhelmed with all the stats on items every time my inventory was full I often just quit the game instead of spending 30 minutes figuring out what items to keep before learning about the rainbow filter - it almost made me stop playing GD altogether because every town visit felt like a chore, totally breaking the pace of the game.
  2. Acedian Aldric + Rektby Protoss rebalance! Really, these two mother****ers are OP as hell and it feels totally out of place to encounter them so early in the game in a non-secret area. Many of my builds that already killed Loghorrean without much trouble are still unable to deal with them on the same difficulty which is just a sign of terrible difficulty scaling (and a PITA for completionist runs).
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Crate have already said they won’t be adding Rainbow Filter to the game. I personally have never used it though many others do of course.

The bosses in the pit are exact winning builds from the pvp tournaments that were run a few years ago. Crate enjoyed the tournaments and decided to add them into the game.


I know. But they should really adjust better to player level. If you google any of them, you’ll find a lot of threads with people getting frustrated over their power - it just doesn’t feel fair when your build is doing perfectly fine throughout the game yet you have to avoid two “normal” bosses in Act 2 unless you enjoy a LONG fight which you basically have to cheese (use the fact that they stop running after you after certain distance threshold and won’t fight back when returning to the pit) because they can often kill you in under 3 hits (and they heal on top of that).

They are extremely optional. You ave to make an effort to fight them. If your build is too weak, just go past them

That’s what I’m usually doing. But it really annoys me that even when I return to them much later (like I mentioned, sometimes even after killing Loggie), I usually struggle with them with any but the tankiest builds, which just doesn’t feel “right” for act 2 bosses who are neither superbosses nor nemesis.

In the GD season 5, there was an achievement to kill them below lvl 35 on Ultimate…now I fear them no longer!

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That’s obviously a very niche thing you have to specifically aim for from the get go, just like with the “I was not expecting you, human” achievement. Of course it’s doable if you center your build around this goal but they’re still a major annoyance for many, if not most (otherwise perfectly viable) builds.

I’m getting nerfed with 1.2 due to charge skills being way slower and evadable.

Also those bosses are optional and arguably easier than some other optional bosses.


they should be
since they use a “pvp” build to destroy players that are unprepared and voluntarily steps down into the arena of death
*they are bosses put into the game as homage to the players winning a PvP contest, the bosses use those winning chars builds

they aren’t easier than most encountered bosses up until then, which i think is the surprise many new players face
tho a lot also seem to miss the “entirely optional part” :grin: considering they also have a fairly short pull distance and you actually need to walk down the arena entrance to pull them

idono, maybe the arena needs more corpses littered around to warn newcomers? :joy:

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I guess you’ve missed the part of my post where I explicitly mention that from my experience (multiple L100 builds) they are often really hard to kill even when I avoid them at first and return to them much later - and that’s really the only thing I complain about. I know their origin and the PvP tournament homage thing. But IMHO that still doesn’t justify them being harder to kill than all the (non-secret) bosses up to Loghorrean (included).

Basically, if they spawn together, it’s a guaranteed death for a player unaware of them and extremely hard and annoying fight (with high risk of multiple deaths) even for experienced players, except for builds focused around high health + fast healing.

It seems to me that you are completely exaggerating, they can kill a new player who enters the arena out of curiosity, but for someone with some equipment and who is determined to kill them, they are not a big deal.

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really does
like Protoss said, they aren’t really that much harder than other optional bosses, what makes them stand out is being in basegame and being available early, but aint nothing wrong with that; because entirely optional
*and if you are getting rekt (pun intended) with the experience of multiple l100 builds, dare i might suggest it’s possible you missed something obvious in the encounter?
they might be scaled as if expansion bosses in base game area, but they are still entirely manageable, even during levelling, and especially at lvl 100

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Not if you ask me. With some builds, they really are “avoid or die” until endgame.

I’m not saying I have trouble killing them with L100 builds, just wanted to make it clear that I’ve spent some time with GD so I can make an informed comparison to other bosses / areas in the game. I mean, Swamp King or Kalis’Ka are entirely optional too and not nearly as deadly (despite being Dangerous Domain bosses)… Hell, most Hidden Path bosses don’t give me as much trouble as the two of them together.

again, you can’t compare them to those normal bosses
A, they are basically scaled like expansion bosses (ie higher than base game boss stats)
B, they have actual good skills/“builds” because they are actual pvp used, and not just something the devs gave them from a thematic standpoint: so yes they are harder than regular bosses “they are supposed to” and aint nothing wrong with that

i’m not asking you, i’m stating it as an objective matter of fact →

like with most troublesome bosses, figure out their gimmick, or figure out what stats are needed to “hard” counter them, it’s 3000% doable during levelling “if you know how to approach these bosses” - otherwise dont’ approach them, since they are optional

if anything you could say basegame bosses should be dialed up to match their scaling not that Aldric/Protoss should be nerfed, so it’s either less of a surprise, or base game isnt’ as easy as it is, imo…

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Let’s put aside a theory for a bit and let me give you an example - I just checked whether I’m really exaggarating or not by going there with my L83 Shieldbreaker (All resists overcapped, solid gear, cuts through most mobs and bosses like a hot knife through butter) and got ONE-SHOT by Rekt on Ultimate. I don’t know what’s your definition of OP but it surely fits mine. This is neither challenging nor fun, it’s just frustrating…

cool, so you got 1shot by a boss doing largely phys dmg, guess what that tells me?

^either that’s bull, or you have other significant build gaps

“which would apply regardless of boss” if said boss is 1shotting you

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Fair enough, I only have two legendary pieces equipped, the rest is green and blues (no sets). The again, if you suggest they should only be beatable with endgame stuff, stat’s still OP in my book as my equipment works well throughout the game with this encounter being one of rare exceptions.

what does that matter?, the rarity/colour of your item matters 0, the specific stats they provide you and your build overall is what matters

i’m not, read my lips “can be beat while levelling”,
to the point you had someone posting various vids on beating them in weaksauce items after they got first put in the game when people complained back then.

Protoss is basically like a little Iron Maiden minus the Cadence hit "fatass physical dmg Boss"Soldier char, and need to be dealt with similarly: High armour+absorb, phys res, is super helpful, HP regen/passive healing or defensive procs works really well, and Stun Res is your friend since he stuns/uses forcewave
Since he also uses blitz it means he shreds your DA, so if your DA is already low means you now get hurt extra.
Aldric also has his own gimmicks in various nasty forms that need to be paid attention to, such has his stun jacks “you dont’ want to be shotgunned”

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Both of these optional bosses are totally fine when playing a new character SSF. They hurt if you don’t know what they do for skills and how to counter them or if you have crappy equipment. Being Human they can spawn with some interesting items that makes them even more fun! :sunglasses:


I’ve had one of those pvp nerds come running out at me well away from the entry point of the pit, was surprised their range is that big. Definitely didn’t need to enter the pit to pull aggro