Pit Bosses Discussion

this is how close you need to get https://imgur.com/a/eLfFSEE

*obv if you’re spamming screenwide aoes like WoP or CoF or War Cry or get the “same” distance from the right side wall you’ll pull them too without actually going down the pit/“through the door”

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Hmm, I’ll have to test/see, maybe I’m misremembering. Was on elementalist but remember him coming out much earlier

Why the heck is your Energy-bar blue? Want to have that as well.

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A small mod Maska made iirc.


In all honesty, the “fix” seems easy and obvious IMO : add a “dying” NPC before the gates warning the player about them, and suggesting the alternate route through the Hannefy Mines.

I wouldn’t touch them (apart from removing fake Acedian) as they’re a part of GD’s Community history.

From the very beginning the whole Four Hills access setup has bothered me.
The original design seems clear : you were supposed to help the villagers who would have provided you as a reward with access to the side entrance of the Hannefy Mine, allowing you into Cronley’s base.
Then at some point that idea was abandoned.
Hannefy gained a 3rd entrance right before the gate, in case the player missed the other two, and it was made into a completely optionnal area.
The quest to gain entrance was dropped and replaced with a weird “hostage quest”.
And access to Cronley’s base is gained merely by solo-crashing the main gate.

Weird design decision.

So having these two bosses “blocking” the main route would at least restore some sense to the setup.


it’s blue because it’s a Mana bar :grin:

but yea, what Medea said it’s a small settings folder “mod” Maska made/gave me in the discord, don’t think he put it on the forum, so you’ll have to nab the file off discord. Discord , and remember to thank him :+1:

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that’s a really good suggestion, actually think something similar has been proposed before, like a warning plank on the door or something, could be a pile of bodies and blood trails.
Sorta like how MadQueen’s room is littered with skulls on the floor

The Arena they’re in is strewn with dead bloody bodies… I personally think that’s warning enough. Plus you can see them at the top of your screen easily enough before you get too close or even enter the Arena itself.

My request is that Crate adds this classic banger to the Pit Bosses when they engage the player!

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That is a mighty fine idea.

Kalis Ka’s hill is full of bones and dead bodies yet it’s rather easy to kill (unless you have really low bleeding res). The Wraith of Sorrows leads you into a literal Bone Pit but the boss is a joke…

I could go on but I guess you get the idea - visual clues rarely, if ever determine how dangerous the boss actually is in GD (also, many mobs and bosses are HUGE which really scared me when I first encountered them, only to learn that most of them are not any more dangerous than the normal looking ones).


They stop on their way back to the pit if you die which obviously moves their trigger radius relative to their last position - could that be the case you mention?

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You do know that you don’t have to fight them? They are not required for progression. And if you still have problems with them after coming back with better gear, that’s a you problem.

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Ah thanks and @medea_fleecestealer as well. I kinda had hopes that this would’ve been an small QoL Feautre where you could pick your own Mana & Healthbar colors, but considering that i’ve to stick on Xbox Version for now mostly i can’t use it (but i keep in mind when i find may way back to PC Version).

While the idea would amuse me, that there could be a potentially dying NPC crawl you, maybe based on the folks who participated on the PvP Event as well (?) to warn you about it, i wouldn’t be sure if that would help either or if players wouldn’t be encouraged / lead on even more to check them out.

Besides that i’ve also to agree some folks here. This is meant as an easter-egg or reminisence (or how you wanna call it) for an Community-driven PvP Event and if you play PvP but aren’t prepared / build properly you would get obliterated as well… that’s just how it works and a experience which most people (i’d argue) know / share if they’ve done ever pvp in any Game esp. PvE based. So tone the Enemies done because of a spike within act 2 - which you could ignore and run past by, would kill the purpose of them, same for relocating them. They’re meant to destroy - so i can’t agree on rebalancing them.

However as someone who play on Xbox right now i agree on that rainbowfilter mod. I don’t need the fullblown mod where even item names are (weirdly) colorized, but i’d love the tooltip stats colorized (by it’s type and such) so they 're more readable.

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Actually, I used the same ranged primal strike leveling warder that I typically use to start a new playthrough. The only thing I did differently is that I skipped a lot of white trash b/c I’d have been over lvl 35 by the time I got to them if I hadn’t done so. It didn’t have to be a fresh playthrough, however, so I did have a pretty good weapon for it, but that had little to do with fight as they still took forever to beat.

On a somewhat related note, I just almost got destroyed by Bolvar at lvl 35 in NORMAL. I only had 18 chaos resist, and his spammy ranged proc was going crazy on me. Reminded me a bit of the pit boss fights tbh.

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A prominent “ABANDON HOPE ALL YE WHO ENTER HERE” would be nice, but, really, it’s a Pit. Grim Dawn is supposed to be, well, Grim, and if you dive headfirst into a gladiator Pit without any preparation, you shouldn’t be too surprised if someone is there waiting for you.

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Some of us remember the time when there was only Boris before Crate added the two significantly stronger bosses. Just saying… :upside_down_face:

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3 significantly stronger - there are 2 versions of Aldric. :smile:

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No, 2 significantly stronger. Second Aldric is pretty easy.

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Ranged Primal Strike actually falls perfectly within this niche - they’re the most dangerous up close and it’s also much easier to avoid the cursed stun attacks with a ranged attacker (also, let’s not forget that it’s not that hard to get insane DPS with PS) :wink:

TIL :open_mouth:

BTW, someone dropped this review of GD in the 1.2 thread and I love the part where this guy discovers the pit (kind of proving my point). I admit, in this case it is an actual newcomer learning the game mechanics, definitely playing a flawed build (single class, PRM as main attack, no movement skill) but his reaction after entering the pit is just gold - especially the part 2 when he comes back after slaying Zarthuzellan (on 2nd attempt), already feeling OP and thinking the pit’s going to be a piece of cake - man, I felt this! :sweat_smile:

(time stamps for links if they don’t work: 13:03 and 18:55 :wink:)

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