Pit Bosses Discussion

Got the worst combo of Stun Jacks Acedian and Boris at the same time and killed both at level 30 with spam BWC/Mines.

LOL, what? Boris is a joke compared to Protoss…

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On his own, yeah, but when he spawns he’s not alone, is he?

And Stun Jacks Acedian is far stronger than Protoss. Your point? Protoss is a joke (Protoss is just a shitty Iron Maiden) since all of his attacks are easily dodgeable, even easier now that the game has a built-in evade.

After fighting the pit bosses in the latest patch with a fresh character, they are more than fine. If anything other optional bosses in the base campaign need a buff, not nerf the only ones that can actually cause people to struggle.

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I’m no longer debating that. Still, if you admit that Protoss is stronger than Boris, than how is Acedian + Boris “the worst combo” when Protoss can also spawn with Acedian? :upside_down_face:

Only one pvp pit boss can spawn at a time. They are either by themselves or with Boris, there’s no Protoss with Acedian.

Just tested over 30 times to make sure, they either spawned by themselves or with Boris. I also don’t recall ever getting more than one of the pvp pit boss since they were introduced, they are either alone or with Boris.

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Oh, I see now. Are we supposed to use classless characters with only yellows to make the game harder? I was literally using the same class and build that I had originally leveled on in the game. I can think of several others that would have been much more appropriate, anything with pets and anything that focuses on dots rather than direct dmg would probably have been far, far easier.

Fair enough. I’d swear I’ve fought them together but I might be wrong (and this time, I probably am) :upside_down_face:

Boris the Pit Master can sometimes spawn as well - 30% chance to spawn iirc - so you end up with one of the big guys and him too.

We were only refering to Protoss / Aldric as “PVP bosses” - Boris is… well, just a boss :laughing:

not the only one with that Mandela affect, i’ve sworn the same on PvP boss release and swore it must had changed in some patch later after their initial inclusion
but always told it wasn’t happening :sweat_smile:

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They are fine as they are. Literally avoidable, nevertheless very difficult if you meet them with low lvl eq. If you think on early lvls you’re the man, go for it and die or win. Otherwhise ignore them. I really like the challenge IMO.