Grim Dawn Version v1.2.0.4 + v1.2.0.5 hotfix



  • Fixed missing Ch’thon armor from illusionist for some players.
  • Fixed missing skill animations when using the Ch’thon chestpiece (ex. Eye of Reckoning).


[Major New Features]

  • Lancel the Knight now has access to new wares from the Loyalist Item Pack 3! Starting February 27th, you too can don the visages of the gods themselves!

[Shattered Realm]

  • Items left on the ground within the Splendors of the Shattered Realm are now automatically cleared out when you decide to collect your rewards.
  • Reduced the health of the Manifestations of Hunger and Seeker of the Damned encounters.


  • Items left on the ground within the treasure room are now automatically cleared out when it opens.


  • Fixed an issue where placing the Health and Energy Potions on the quick bar would not save them between sessions.
  • Fixed an issue where monster melee attacks could hit outside of their target area.
  • Fixed a rare issue where certain skill effects could cause monsters to miss their attacks.
  • Fixed a rare issue with charging monsters being able to pause their charge and resume it.
  • Fixed an issue where pets that are regularly resummoned (ex. Wind Devils) could stop dealing damage.
  • Fixed an issue where undoing points in an exclusive skill could prevent putting points into other exclusive skills.
  • Fixed a crash resulting from changing game settings.
  • Fixed an editor crash that could occur when scrolling near certain map regions.
  • Fixed an issue where using a low or no cooldown leap ability would cause it to have a delay if not targeting an enemy.


  • Added AreaTrigger.Get(object Id) Lua function to store a TriggerVolume.
  • Added AreaTrigger:DestroyItems() Lua function to destroy all items within a TriggerVolume. This is an expensive call based on the size of the volume and number of items that should be used sparingly.
  • Added character:GiveAffixItem(string ItemDbr, string prefixDbr, string suffixDbr) Lua function for spawning an item with specific affixes.
  • Added item:HasAffix(string affixDbr) Lua function for checking whether an item has a specific affix.


  • Reduced the Magnitude and/or Duration of most monster Fumble effects. The Crucible no longer has additional reduction to those effects.
  • Screen Edge effects can now be toggled in the game options.
  • Increased Repuation Bonus from faction Mandates and Warrants to 200%.
  • Cronley’s Outlaws heroes and mini-bosses now equip various Monster Infrequents worn by their lessers.
  • Rare Prefix - Vindicator: replaced bonus to Storm Spread with +2 to Arcane Empowerment
  • Fixed an issue where some accessory affixes could roll on certain Monster Infrequent armor.
  • Fixed Lucius’ Blade-Arm having lower than intended base damage.
  • Cinderwinds now wait significantly longer before leashing to the player’s position.

Yessssssssssss, love you guys so much!!!

Very nice! Thank you as always. :sunglasses:

Super cool!
Better if Cronley himself, Rutnick and Direni (3 Aether Boss) can drop Ascended Casque series!
All of Cronley’s Outlaws heroes and mini-bosses now only drop Incendiary Casque series and Murderer’s Cowl series. That’s unfair to the third kind of their unique equipments😵

Very interesting functions. THank you for the update

Wasn’t some automatic FX change based on conversion being teased as part of this update? That clip which showed that it would allow for a fire coloured DEE as long as you have the conversion for it, for example.
Is that not in here? Not seeing it in the patchnotes.

If it is, how does it work? Only on skill modifiers? What happens to existing pfx files made to adjust the skill? Will these just override the conversion based recolouring?

We are going to release a hotfix very shortly that addresses a few critical issues:

  • missing Ch’thon armor from illusionist for some players
  • missing skill animations when using the Ch’thon chestpiece (ex. Eye of Reckoning).
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Hello, thank you for the update.

Is there any way to make this an option to toggle? Most my time in GD nowadays consists of jumping into crucible, doing 150-170 runs 3-4 times. Each time i finish a run i will open all the chests and run back to restart at 150 without looting anything. When i finish my runs that’s when i’ll sort through all the loot, i will pick up everything and sell anything unneeded for the much needed iron bits for crafting. With this change i now have to spend precious time looting between every finished run while my blessings are ticking away.

Hotfix is now live on Steam, going up on GOG shortly.


Got it through Gog–about 1.22 GBs, sound about right? Installed without a hitch through Galaxy!

I started playing this game right after the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor–and, obviously, I love it and I can’t stop playing…:wink: (You can’t help me–no one can.) But I’m not complaining…:wink: I really want you guys to do a new game–a new Grim Dawn–but not Grim Dawn 2–no, go with something like Grim Noon, or Grim Night, or Grim Day of the Dead–you guys are intelligent and can pick it up from here, I’m sure.

You guys have got something special here, even if Gary Busey is doing a bit audio part and you don’t want to tell me because of some stupid SAG union rules or something. I asked you about that long ago, and you fibbed to me and denied any knowledge of Gary Busey voicing the part–and that’s OK and I forgive you because “I know how it goes!” WINK-WINK.

No–I’m not drinking the bubbly stuff–not at all. I was just in a good mood and thought I’d write to let you all know how impressed I am with the game (still) and how I’ve not stopped playing (well, a few months off here and there–but tell no one if you want to continue to enjoy C02!)

That’s all. I’ve popped in, I’ve said Hi, and now I’ll say Bye!

Yours forever dead,
WaltC3 “He knows Gary Busey’s voice When he hears it!”

The Xbox version is still version Any idea when the latest version will get to us Xbox players?

I found a wrong levelup message at tag_ui.txt in korean , Steam and Xbox game

tagLevelReached=당신은 {^y}{%d0} 레벨에 s

This tag must be chaged to tagLevelReached=당신은 {^y}{%d0} 레벨{^w}에 도달했습니다


The “A Done Deal” achievement now requires you to interact with each of the Shattered Realm’s shrines at least once, rather than having all 5 effects active at the same time.

Should one character interact with each of the Shattered Realm’s shrines at least once?

“Pretty” sure, but don’t remember for certian
usually those types are not shared across chars


what about we still need craft all componets to craft relic or weapon?

Suggestion: Ch’thon’s Cosmetic Set → Add the floating run to charge skills animation. Feels weird to rush with Vire’s Might looking like the character still has legs.

What is that exactly? I can’t even find it (unless it’s the “Screen effects” option which seems to do nothing).

toggles Sunder screen effect off, and also currently the red low hp warning screen effect

Oh, that - I see! It could use some tooltip description then :wink: Anyway, thanks for clarifying!