Grim Dawn Version v1.2.1.0 + Hotfixes

These changes looks awesome! Cant wait to test the armor update on my “mage” characters!



When is relese data ?

Welcome to the forum. :slightly_smiling_face:

In the opening post of this thread.

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Sorry, i am idiot

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I never thought I would live to see the day, hurrah!

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Ho my god, absurdly amazing work, worthy of applause.

you cannot imagine how grateful i am for 2 hand animation changes, yes for some people this is such an insignificant change but for me its HUGE. also i thank you for the pet changes, its so nice to see you are showing some love to permanent pets. i’ll start a new pet build when the patch drops. probably one of Maya’s build :slight_smile: . thank you for the hard work.

Wow, this is a ton of stuff for the update! I am looking forward to diving in to this when I have free time!

just wanted to say a couple of words of appreciation to Z and everyone who’s still giving us the updates.
even tho we don’t always agree or like the changes, it’s simply incredible how many updates are given us for free. a vast majority of builds got better or became viable during the years, and we also got a lot of QoL tweaks (like WDs becoming permanent, big phys res and RR overhaul, Nemesis spawning etc) . that’s simply cool.


for me it’s more than cool, it’s astoundingly incredible and above and beyond.
In a world where so many games nickle and dime you, even if successful/already making a buttload of money or has a ton of monetization, i feel like many of these updates is stuff other companies wouldn’t have any issue with locking behind paid dlc or such.
I know GD does get a bit of flack for also locking neat features behind expansions, extra stash/attribute respec etc, but i can’t help feel like years of free updates means Crate treats their fans/customers more than fair, and then extra generous if compared to so many others.
Nemesis update was amazing, and not something i expected to happen at this point :trophy:
Makes me highly curious what they might surprise us with later down the road once again :astonished:

fanboi out :saluting_face:


Can’t be overstated how generous this update is, so much work has gone into it. Crate once again setting the standard that all arpg devs should try to reach :ok_hand:


I would be SO glad if in the next couple of patches a support for an Acid Aether Ray would be available!
Pls read my post over in the Discussion-Forum!
Besides - I am very, very happy that pets get some treatment. ^.^

How do you mean? Mine already changed vfx (transmuter or not) in and

Unless I misunderstand this completely?

with the new fx override system, stride, bwc, dee, seems like something happened that interfered with others, so early in playtest, when you had conduit but took transmuter it would not get the fx change from conduit Aether Stun Jacks missing FX change

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Still seems like issue, so not sure how it’s in the patch notes if it was working correctly prior. Hm, I dunno man.

Z updated notes with every change made in 1.2.1 so it’s probably just left from that, so it’s there not because it’s “new” but because was interacted with in playtest

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Yeah okay, that makes more sense I guess =)

did june 19th patch already happen?

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