Grim Dawn You must accept that I am a computer dummy

I am beyond frustrated. I know that there is a cloud out there somewhere but I am unable to reliably find it time after time. Background: I have three computers. One PC and two laptops. All have Grim Dawn aboard. Each computer’s Grim Dawn is a totally different game but with the same main and other toons. When I first joined Galaxy I was able occasionally to download from the cloud the last game I played on the PC to a laptop such that I was able to seamlessly rejoin my main on laptop from the exact point where I left him on the PC and vice versa.

Needless to say this has horribly slowed down my leveling since I cannot level across all three computers collectively. For some reason that privilege seems to have disappeared since Galaxy changed their format. Now I am playing three different Grim Dawn’s on three different computers. Why can I not play the exact same game on all three computers? What am I doing wrong? Please keep any advice simple. I am truly computer deficient. Acronyms defeat me utterly. Thank you all for any help!

Probably nothing. The new Galaxy is full of bugs so it wouldn’t surprise me if something in there is the problem.

I’d switch to local saving and then just backup and paste the info into the other computers depending on which one you’re playing on at the time.

So far as you know does Steam have an equivalent “Cloud” like Galaxy used to have?


It does. I played the game on my laptop for a long time while syncing to Steam Cloud to transfer all of my save data to my desktop. There weren’t any problems even though it does not work on mods.