Grim dawns filter?

OK, so I set it for fire damage yet I’m not getting anything with that damage. The other damage types still show up. What am I doing wrong?

Got anything ticked in the last column? Those options will show items with other damage types even if you only ticked fire damage in the 3rd column.

These loot filter settings will make sure that you will only see fire items (plus elemental/all damage items since these include fire damage as well):

edit: in my example I forgot to untick the last two options in the 1st column, these will show all legendary/epic items and double rares regardless of other filter settings. Untick them if you don’t care for non-fire items of those qualities.

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personal unsolicited note;
i highly highly suggest/recommend you don’t make such type of strict loot filter, especially if you’re leveling, but also if you’re endgame (as you’d potentially filter out a crap load of great MIs)
usually you want/are interested in more than just a dmg stat on ex armor, but not just ex resistances are useful for leveling, getting bonus skills to your mastery/build can easily be worth an item not having 35% fire dmg
like if an amulet or ring came with mastery skill points, resist and attribute stats like offensive ability/defensive ability or physique/health etc etc on a prefix and suffix combo without fire dmg

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