Grim Dawn's PvP

I’ve always been a fan of PvP and I’d like to know what are your thoughts on Grim Dawn’s. Me and a friend were dueling with both 85 (Druid vs Warder) and it looked very interesting fight.

It seemed very balanced, we didn’t used any build of these in compendium “unkillable”, we both made our own and made it thru ultimate, and the fights weren’t hit kills or too long, but actually very balanced, at some point a combo of mine could kill him, or his bleeding would consume all my health. We don’t have a completed “full build”, with all resistances maximized, so I don’t know at which point it could have been hit kills or even “eternal” dueling.

Fights took like 30 sec~2 min, it reminded me some of Diablo 2 PvP, but actually better, because D2 was much more closely to the hit kills than Grim Dawn appeared to be.

Also tried a lvl 35 PvP, but this time both players seemed unkillable due to Constitution…until it ends. At lower lvl, constitution can save you from being killed if you can run for some seconds without getting hit, but when it ends, you get “real damages”.

I’d like to hear some experiences and if you guys think Grim Dawn could have a nice PvP tournament at some point.

Btw, yesterday I played for like 2 hours on a public game called “PvP” and no one showed.

The problem with PvP is that the point-and-click abilities will always be dominant. Also, the ones with CC.

Basically, Shadow Strike would be broken.

I haven’t tried PvP myself, so I can’t say anything from experience, but I think it’s an interesting concept and I’d be willing to participate if I had any finished characters :stuck_out_tongue:

Approaching and reflecting skills would be broken. Also purge abilities or draining energy would be very strong.

Approaching skills like Shadow Strike(Nightblade) and Blitz(Soldier), you can’t catch whoever use these skill and you’ll be hit & getting mini-stun first.
There’s no wall and effective area control skills to prevent this kind of skill. (GD is bad at zoning, effective disable/stopper CC and retreat/movement skill)

Reflecting like Mirror of Ereoctes(Arcanist), Blade Barrier(Nightblade) can reflect every dmg to attacker then it’d make one died so fast.

Purge ability like Nullification(Arcanist) and Cleasing Water(from Ulo devotion) or Losing all energy more than reserve will remove positive buff and auras -> worst situation of all.

It is ok to have fun in PVP, but the game wasn’t design for PVP or multiplayers. So it needs to customize many things to make it balanced.

PS. I personally want GD to have more attractive in multiplayer. It’ll be more fun and higher replay value. Playing solo for long time is something lonely :frowning:

Id love to pvp in the game but with the lack of open games its hard to do it