Grim Doom mod

This is just a little showcase of a few Grim Dawn monsters that I converted to Doom 2. I created the sprites from the original 3D models. So far I did the Obsidian Ravager which is pretty much done, and the Gazer which still needs a proper death animation and some minor fixes.

Right now I’m not planning on doing any more monsters but I’m looking into ranged weapons. Rutnick’s Blaster comes to mind, since I want to convert a gun that has a unique attack effect.
Once everything is done, I’m gonna release the files on, where I already uploaded other monsters, items and props for Doom and Heretic.

the Gazer is done, including a proper (meaning gory) death animation:

Gazers vs Obsidian Ravagers battle:

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Impressive, well done.

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Thanks! :slight_smile:

Unfortunately work on the mod has stalled, instead I resumed work on another one (not Doom or GD related at all). But the idea to make a GD style weapon has not been abandoned yet. I think the easiest and fastest way would be taking a crossbow from Heretic or Hexen and turning it into Runebinder’s Spellthrower or another GD crossbow. But I’d rather do dual-wield pistols or a rifle. Either way it’s gonna be a lot of pixelart work, which for me is pretty time consuming so it has to wait until my current project is done.

edit: thinking about it, I could also try to screenshot the weapon in GD via Grimcam 1st person perspective :thinking:

I’d watch it, the DOOM theme gives me a kind of nostalgic pleasure. But the pixel work is really time-consuming. Get on with your current project and I’ll look forward to seeing the results :wink:

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Alright here’s an update on the Obsidian Ravager. I almost forgot about the whole thing, yesterday I was reminded that I wanted to upload it when it’s done… which never happened but I got an excuse: It wasn’t done yet! :stuck_out_tongue:

The original Obsidian Ravager has an attack that traps the player in a prison of obsidian shards. I realized my mod isn’t complete without it so I had to create a smiliar attack. Here’s a preview, might need some more fine tuning but I’m happy with the result.

As for the Gazer, I’m not happy with the attack projectile so I’ll make a new one… soon :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

The Obsidian Ravager is finally done!

Here is the download link if anyone is interested in adding this monster to their Doom mod or map. Requires ZDoom. GZDoom is recommended.