Grim Misadventure #111: Expansive Legendary Arsenal

Grim Misadventures is here, and that means it is time for the latest from the upcoming expansion.

But first, a word from our patch sponsors: Patch v1.0.0.8 is proceeding smoothly through testing with a few minor bumps to look into. We expect the patch to go live within the next two weeks, but the goal is to have it to you this week. The latest update to Grim Dawn, will introduce new Legendary items from the Steps of Torment and Bastion of Chaos as well as make some balancing changes that should make the leveling experience smoother and more enjoyable for all skill levels.

Now, onward to the upcoming expansion! We actually have several really exciting things brewing that we expect to unveil in the coming weeks. With new items, new factions, new features and tons of new content all coming together, it is a busy time for us, but also a very rewarding one. This week, we’ll be taking a look at the latest Legendary concepts from the artist pit.

These artifacts have endured even the Grim Dawn. Some were stolen from fallen Inquisitors in the line of duty. The power they hold is like nothing you have yet seen.

Guardian of Death’s Gates

Morguul’s Mortality and Cindercore

Rune of Elgoloth

Lifeblaze Mantle

The Diviner’s Vision Set

Like knowing what is coming up next for Grim Dawn? Check back on 02/20/2017 for our next development update!

Dat scythe!

Scythe looks sick :smiley:

So, what’s the new clue for the next mastery? :3

I’m sure you eagerly await the arrival of the Necrobloodpsycook.

I do eagerly await the arrival of the bloodcook. Period.

Ooh, Zantai, c’mon that Misadventure is even shorter the the last one! We need moar :smiley:

Will there be a new type of “service”* npc?

  • = merchants/blacksmith/storage/mystic, heck, even bounty table

That scythe, fuckin’ awesome

Please make it good and hard to get so that it’s worth using (from end-game point of view) when we get it :smiley:

Those items look very nice, the shoulders are just massive :rolleyes:

New service NPC? Why yes…

Those guns look badass, cant wait to play:D

Really nice art, i love the axe and the set. and glad to hear that new factions are confirmed, i wasn’t sure of that. thank you !

i also love that pistol!!! and please make pistols usefull:D

Holy damm… I think this art is the best I’ve seen around here… game is getting even better boyssssss

axe ?
isn’t it more of a mace or scepter?



New factions means new stuff/augments to buy, new quests, new nemesis, new lore, new everything ~~~~~~.

Inquisitor or Gildam Arcanum ? Teehee.

Yess! Thanks for teh info. My bet is on tailor :slight_smile:


Come on Zantai, please spoil something :

  • how many new Factions?
  • will there be new Reputation levels?
  • how many new zones?
  • new Components?

Dont be stingy!!! :stuck_out_tongue:

Yay, some new pistols :slight_smile: