Grim Misadventure #158 - Marching to Forgotten Lands

Another Grim Misadventure is upon us!

In case you haven’t been paying attention recently, we have the Forgotten Gods gameplay trailer for you!


Last time, we took a close look at one of the upcoming Legendary Sets, the Sentinel of the Three.

Today, we have our heads deep in Grim Dawn polishing every facet as we rapidly approach the preordained day. The playtesting group now has the first content complete build with all the bells and whistles of the upcoming expansion (the Shattered Realm is now up to 64 unique levels!) to make sure that your experience is as smooth as possible when Forgotten Gods is released.

With everything in place, we’ve been speaking with all the storefronts to hammer down a release window. If you’ve been paying attention to our livestreams, Medierra did drop you a bit of a (big) hint: Forgotten Gods is coming in the last week of March!

For the theorycrafters among you, the creator of GrimTools, Dammitt, now has permission to update the database with all of the upcoming items, Devotions and changes included in the expansion. Expect that soon!

(NOTE: we are still making adjustments and tweaks, so expect that some numbers will change between now and release)

No more teasers remain…ok maybe one more!

I might add, Forgotten Gods has more fun little surprises for you to discover out in the world than the rest of the game combined. We look forward to you uncovering them all later this month!

Stay tuned for additional updates with release date/pricing and of course our Forgotten Gods release day livestream!

With the impending release of Forgotten Gods, Grim Misadventures will be posted less frequently as we focus on supporting the expansion. But don’t worry! We still have exciting things in store for you post-release! Check back on 04/15/2019 for our next development update.


Finally the Grimtools update that matters. :slight_smile:

Is that… A cold gunner? DAAAAAAMN I WANT THAT.

just take my money

Last week of march uh? I’m more than ready.

Not much info today but this one is enough, at least for me. Very impatient to see all the new stuff ahead of release, thank you for that Crate !

That’s after Sekiro release :frowning: Guess I’ll buy FG when it’s on sale, sometime in the future. Btw the armor sets look superb :slight_smile:

Nice, I have been waiting for this. Really hyped to see all the new sets.
Time to play Grim Tools for a few days :stuck_out_tongue:

Let’s bet on what day it’s going to be released!

Also first time ever being on a first page for one of these, woot.

it took some time to me to notice that but the guy looks black :confused: (it can be the picture and/or my screen ofc as i don’t expect that we’ll be able to customize our character that way… though that would be cool :smiley: )

I am happy that GT will be updated now, but I can’t leave this thread without a hate, and as I already said I am happy about GT, it’s automatically a support to this, so I must say something super cruel.

Worst Grim Misadventures ever. Literally regret opening it.

Here, that should be it. Just tell me if that’s not enough - gonna fix that.

Great news i am so eager to play FG!

Hope the 27th, my birthday :cool:

Definitely not enough. You’re not even trying. Put more effort into it! :wink:

Just a bit more of painful patience.
Forgotten Gods will close the Grim Dawn chapter for a long time, isn’t it?
The apotheosis somehow.

Damn, I guess saying that FG sucks so hard no one would even want to play it wouldn’t be enough… I mean, idk why would someone bother buying that crap anyway.

Hope that’s it.

“Forgotten Gods is coming in the last week of March!”


Grim tools update…all I needed to see :cool:

I’m glad for the theorycrafters, but I guess I’ll have to stay clear of the forums for 3 weeks, I don’t like spoilers :stuck_out_tongue: