Grim Misadventure #16: Tantalizing Sampler

Hello, Grim Dawn fans! We return with the latest from the pits of despair. Tumbledown is right back where he belongs, bringing our beasties to digital life. In a few more weeks without food and water he will fit right in. We have him busy on something special, and here it is!

The ____!

Well, that image didn’t come out quite right! You can rest assured. Our warlocks will work tirelessly to bring you the restored image as soon as possible. This is our first big boss and you will all get to die at his (insert appendages here) come alpha. However, the boss is still being animated so we are not quite alpha-ready yet; but we are getting closer! You can read Medierra’s update on our progress here.

In terms of development, we have a few exciting things to share with you today. In design, we have recently introduced 111 brand new rare affixes, and that’s if you don’t count the minor variations (that number rises to 294 if you do). Since there is nothing more self-explanatory than some floating tooltips, check out a few randomly generated rare items below!

10% more rare than the leading brand

Rare affixes come as both Prefixes and Suffixes, so it is entirely possible to roll a common item with both a rare prefix and a suffix. That adds up to some mean stats that give Epics a run for their money, but you can expect those Rares to be just as hard to come by as Epics and Legendaries. Getting that ultimate combo you seek may be even harder.

On the art side, we are finally ready to show you common items all the way through to the initial level cap of 50. Barring some final polish, these are what you can expect to see in game! The image below was captured from the collection the artists use to make sure all the items fit together aesthetically.

My Grim Army!

Finally, we have some close-ups from the above image. You saw a few examples of early to mid-game armor sets. These are high level variants.

Caster Armor

Medium Armor

Heavy Armor

That’s all for today! Next update is coming at you on 03/18/13!

jaw drops

Dude, that caster armor is badass!

Wow… You guys are amazing! I am beyond excited for this. I love that caster armor! I was thinking of going with a caster and you just made my decision for me! Keep up the awesome work and thank you again for another awesome update!

P.S.What are you hiding??!!! Show us the clear picture!!

Love it!

I’m guessing for the “Fire Ball Proc” their will be higher levels of this which would shoot out more fireballs, higher damage, and more stun?

Also I love the caster armor with the almost tear drops eyeholes. Really neat.

Anyways good luck in completely everything and I’m glad to see the progress. The detail of the armors isn’t that great but considering this is an ARPG it is obviously designed to be looked at from a distance. Still it’s really nice.

Will their be more options when it comes to fancier/colorful armors and so on? I understand that this is “Grim” Dawn and I do enjoy the look of the different armor sets, but it would be nice to have a bit of color here and there (perhaps). Edit: Just checked the presented armor schemes and it seems like their is more hints of orange, red and brown. I’ll guess that their will be brighter colors or details on other pieces of items.

Wow, just wow. Love the caster armor!
Can’t wait until the 18th, feed me more updates!

2am where I’m at so now I can finally go to bed :wink:

These are looking great! Hmm, is that Magneto in the top photo?
But, Zantai when are we going to get a look at the female character?

Wow thats a lot accomplished. Can the pedal go closer to the metal?

Alpha me already! I need to play this :stuck_out_tongue:

The first boss is a Giant Creeper!

Wooooow those armors look great and those green items look like they are pretty nice. I liked that in TQ rares could compete with Epics and Legendaries, especially the “unique rares” that where dropped by specific races (from the spider humanoids or centaurs for example or the infamous Homados armor).

The boss looks like his left arm is a lot stronger than his right. :smiley:

Looking pretty fucking sweet! :smiley:

lol i was thinking the same ^^

looks great cant wait

'scuse my french but Frak! That B’lows my expections graphically to high heavens…gimme gimme gimme alpha :smiley:


Models are amazing, the detail is superb! ;:slight_smile:

Not sure why, but the caster armor reminds me of Judgement armor. Looks great.

Very nice :slight_smile: Got a real Alchemist/battle wizard vibe :slight_smile:

Detail is amazing - even down to the little vials on the caster armor - awesome

the skeleton boss/ green mist glowing looks nice maybe a helm i could see :slight_smile:

Yay a new update.

Looking really nice, cant wait for Alpha.