Grim Misadventure #163 - A Rare Proposal


Love your jokes el critico.

Clearly misadventures generate too much hype too quickly. We need to nerf them if anything.

Careful now. We might just get pictures of Zantai’s and Grava’s cats.

Cant wait to see if our character accepts Rig’s proposal and thus, the wedding/ceremony!!

spams F5 furiously

You can stop spamming F5. :rofl:

That feel when you finally check in thousands of database entries.


That feel when no one knows someone else’s feel so you’re pretty sure it’s just a Devflex.

Sounds like a product.

But what it does mean is that Grim Dawn’s biggliest item pass ever is now completed, which brings you all that much closer to enjoying it in v1.1.5.0.


Do you have any encouragement for my fledgling FS sorc and cold caster sabo?

I bet the changelog for is gonna be a fun read on top of all of the affix changes and all of the Epic changes.

Patchnotes when :scorv:

The changes to Epics and Rare Affixes are so numerous, it would overflow the maximum post size several times over, so we are not going to list them individually this time.

I imagine anyone that wants to spend hours on that can probably pore over Grimtools after it’s updated to the patch.

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Just get @Ceno or @adoomgod to cover it, all good :+1:

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how about.txt (26 Bytes)

༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ Give patchnotes ༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ

I love poring over things

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Didn’t it take Ceno like 3 hours last time? Sounds like a 24 hour charity stream in the making.

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Yay. How long did it exactly take?

Hm…think I started working on it mid August. Days have become a blur, so who can say anymore.

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Please tell me that pierce damage on legendary gloves (with attack speed) got some love :slight_smile: And Loyalist Pack #3 when?