Grim Misadventure #172 - Celestial Portents

I know people have already said this, but the place where I really hope they will add a new sideare is the Cultist’s Lair in act 1 where you find Isaac. There is an UNDERGROUND LAKE and a boat next to it without any further context.
Its the perfect opportunity for an atmospheric area like an island in the black waters of the lake with some Ch’thonic lunatic as a miniboss.


with the physical conversion, the name should also be changed to sigil of traumatic force.

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Humm… don’t remember the road forking to the right as well near Cronley’s manor!

There is already 100% physical damage Sigil of consumption

Well sure I meant visuals / FX from skill modifier mostly not just globally converting damage.
Thanks for the combo anyway as it’s pretty neat.

It’s not Cronley’s manor, it’s Krieg’s and it’s already been said that there’s a new area coming at Burrwitch.

I am a bit confused by the wording. But I thought he was referring to 100 totems being added overall including the 5 that will be in the new areas.

Nope. 5 new areas at least

Then he said at the end of the OP

So expect some more new areas on top of the 5 already mentioned - though I don’t think they’ll necessarily be in

Wasn’t the ’ probably over 100…’ just a MOAR-related joke? :smiley: That was what I thought as soon as I read it at least .

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Well, yes, but knowing how Crate are always giving us MOAR … :upside_down_face:

Yup. It’s just Zantai being tongue-in-cheek. I doubt it will be anywhere close to 100 and he’s just implying they only plan on 5 but Crate being Crate don’t be surprised if it evolves into “moar” along the way.

I know what you’re all thinking but are afraid to ask - MOAR booby lady totems …er I mean Bysmiel :smirk:

this is basically the philosophy of grim dawn.

“take/steal your enemies’ power, then shatter them with it”

like how creed, the black legion and anasteria uses aetherials/chthonian powers to exorcise them.

like how the 3 witch gods steal korvaak’s eldritch throne, then shatter korvaak with the throne’s eldritch powers.

like how the taken and their allies will probably do anatomy lesson on yugol, then devote themselves to yugol to get its celestial power, then shatter yugol. or at least make yugol go to sleep.

the taken: hi yugol. i am very depressed with all the grimness in cairn since dawn. and how you’ll ice everybody at night. so i choose to devote myself to you, so that i can ice you before you ice cairn!

yugol: k. here some ice power.





well, looking forward to what is to come but I feel very unconfortable with the anounced balance changes… could cripple the whole game… I hope you know what you are doing…

we have dawnshard, which is made from some soladrin crystal or something. its affiliated with order-y celestial powers.

then there’s this nightshard coming up. which is affiliated with entropic-y celestial powers but focusing on yugol.

so… will there be an eldritch shard later? and ascendant shard?

green vs purple… purple’s gonna win, because they’re cunning manipulative magical royalty. while green is just rotting nature. dreeg owns green though. it is the truth he said! the rotting truth! green dawn! or more accurately, green dung.

Any chance for harder difficulty mode for multiplayer? Better enemy scaling perhaps? I play in a group of three, and we squash every enemies in our path. Switched from Veteran to Elite… still easy.

You can always try to make it harder via a mod

I doubt Crate will change it

It is also said by a famous Barrowholm philosopher …

“Whoever fights monsters should see to it that in the process he does not become a monster. And if you gaze long enough into the abyss, SCORV will gaze back into you" :thinking: