Grim Misadventure #172 - Celestial Portents

There should be Grim dawn like game in the works or maybe Grim dawn 2.At least Zen said that fans of Grim dawn will be interested in the game he is working on atm.

Unlikely to be a GD2 atm.

"powbam: so what yer really saying is that you are working on a new unknown game and you aren’t going to tell us what it is even tho its GD2.

Zantai: Gd2 would require significant ramp up by programmers before I even touch it.

I imagine gd fans will be interested in what I’m working on."

Well that was quit some time ago maybe the programers already ramp it up :slight_smile: Or maybe we could get some hints or info about the other game :slight_smile: After all Christmas is near :grin:

i’m ok if gd 2 official news only comes out like 5 years later or more. crate deserve to expand their market to other genres with several well-received original franchises so they can grow into mid sized studio at least. that way gd2’s development will be smooth without any dramas.

As long as they stop before growing into a corporation, focusing on sales, dropping their vision and losing touch with gamers.

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Don’t worry, big M doesn’t seem keen on that idea.


Seems the changes are live now!

Um, yeah

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I was playing when it happened so I only saw the note after I exited. I did not know the exact date of when the patch would happen.

any prediction what the next dev update will be?

Could be finally the xbox port of all? Game is now fully feature complete, I would say?

if not then, Perhaps one final secret quest?!

As usual check the end of the current GM - next Monday, 28th September. What Zan will say … we wait to find out.

my prediction is that it will be a new area… and since Crate did not add any snow area in on the new side areas, im betting its the new snow themed rogue dungeon that everyone has been waiting for or a new side quest that unravels the mysteries of the Winter King which will lead the taken to travel further north … or worst case we will get a new snow themed Crucible instead… … smh just give us new snowy areas Crate… Winter is Coming!


I so want to leap across - but can’t. :cry:


Leap is strange anyway. Tried some runes with leap 4 the 1st time lately. You can jump through walls, its crazy.

Need to report that as a bug then, because it’s not supposed to be possible.

Didnt do a search, but I was sure someone must have already reported. Since I figured this out after about 5 minutes. Anyway - wouldnt surprise me if you could make that jump of yours happen after all ^^.

Already tried, can’t do it. I just jump in place.

With zero understanding of the programming behind the mechanics, in my mind, the way Leap is coded seems to behave like it calculates the literal SURFACE distance when assessing if the leap is possible, meaning it may be calculating not only the ground into the distance but also the surfaces up and down the bridge pillars, which would in total make the apparently “short” distance from your side of the broken bridge across to the other side, in truth, a distance that is “longer” than the movement skill’s maximum range.

Maybe someone can clarify this. Im no programmer. I have noticed, though, that the max distance im able to jump appears to become shortened considerably if I hop over/through a wall, or a ledge (IE jumping diagonally from a staircase to reach a platform above) to me its always felt like the game auto-measures the surface distance (area across all objects in direct linear path to the destination) and then calculates if the jump is possible or not.

This is not the thread for this debate…

Medea’s shot is trying to get to an unplayable area.

Leap can go through walls if the total distance traveled is within its parameters.


There is a version of this area where you can get over the bridge in the Shattered Realm. Hope that helps to fulfill that desire to further explore this area. :wink: