Grim Misadventure #175 - A Look Back at 2020

me: crate, i want brewing conflict between the aetherials & the chthonians in other worlds.
crate: we have aetherials-chthonians conflict at home.
aetherials-chthonians conflict at ‘home’:

bad meme aside, this could mean the missing erulan empire’s heir and their retinues will appear soon and invite us to a tour into the erulan capital.

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The new game in the GD universe is a cooking game confirmed. Hope there’s a cameo appearance from Cooking Mama in there somewhere

Fact, logic, irrefutable evidence, I want g-strings and thongs in it too fact

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Oh man a well done card game based on GD…point me in a direction where the endless void is so I can throw all my money into it.

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man, this hurts in a happy, strange kind of a way. Im so excited for the future of crate, but, the actual end of grim dawn development is, well, crushing. Thanks, Crate, you guys rock.


“Alongside the newness we are also doing away with a well-known exploit. However, as the gameplay it enabled in the Shattered Realm Guardian Domains has become popularized by the current meta, we are going to simply make it possible to pull bosses without resorting to gimmicky abuse of game mechanics. Should be a refreshing change for those that have been playing with camera zoomed in, rotated, flipped inside out and inverted for the sake of pushing higher shards!”

Well known only to those who use the exploit. Not all of us look for ways to exploit the game. LOL Probably the funniest thing I read.

GD will always be one of the best ARPGs I’ve ever played. Thanks for a long and fun adventure! And thank you for all your hard work!

I’m looking forward to another challenge, FF.


As we know all good things come to an end!

But also the end is never the end. For lots of people GD adventure will continue for a long period or is yet to begin. As long as people play it, it will be alive.

I am not much of a essayist nor good at farewell speeches, so will be short. I played Grim Dawn for first time in late base game. I wouldn’t thought of sticking till the end, including two major expansions. Or making forum account and posting my own content. But that’s the reality and am grateful to Crate but also to all people, with whom I have discuss stuff in this forum.

Farewell but we’ll meet again. Cause the end is never the end! :slightly_smiling_face:


Reading about it a couple of years ago, I was sure that Cornucopia would continue to be developed…now I’m not so sure…



Cornucopia stopped for a combination of three factors:

  • The release of Ashes of Malmouth complicated further development of Corn., especially what with both devs dedicating time to playtesting the expansion and with several immediate balancing patches following AoM’s release.
  • Real life issues (most my own) made scheduling between me/adoomgod more difficult.
  • Ultimately, as a ‘rebalancing mod’, doom and I kind of like where Grim Dawn wound up. Or at least we did when last I spoke with him. There are a few areas here and there that maybe I’d be interested in touching up, but for all intents and purposes, Grim Dawn as it is today is pretty much what I set out to make of it all those years ago.

Of course, Cornucopia eventually evolved into more than just a rebalancing mod, what with the addition of some fascinating and fun skills and entire reworks of some items/sets (our Nex/Ortus rework remains dear to my heart).

If @adoomgod ever approached me wanting my help on another project, Corn or not, I’d agree in an instant. The dude is the bro-est of bro’s. I do fear that my past real-life failings with regards to Cornucopia and his own difficulty mod may dissuade him of that, though I don’t want to put words in his mouth either.

While Zenith’s campaign has been 100% terminated, I have been waiting for quite some time for GD’s map (Shattered Realm additions included) to at long last conclude. I don’t have plans quite on the scale of RoT (LoT?) or Nydiamar, and I’m hesitant to offer much info, but suffice to say content mods aren’t as dead as they look!


When I read about your plans for Cornucopia, I was delighted, but it did seem to me they were somewhat ambitious.

Well, that’s great to hear, can’t wait to see what you have in store

A salute!

An end of an era but a glimmer for tomorrow. Well done, Crate. Well done.

Gimme me some sugar…


Definitely. I’m in the crowd that wants Crate to do new stuff. I just couldn’t resist a jab at Blizzard.


Latest but not last, right? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I’m not much in to city builders,but if this game is to the city building genre what grim dawn has been to the arpg genre,than that may change big time tehee


Havent logged into forums for a long time, but thanks for all the updates over the years. Grim Dawn has exceeded expectations beyond many, and the efforts of developers are a huge reason behind this.

Dont mind me, but the title of the new game “Farthest Frontier” sounds really odd off the tongue or even on the edge of being cheesy. Perhaps consider a different name such as “Forgotten Frontiers”, “Frontiers Edge”, “Edge of Civilization” since the game description is - Protect and guide your people as you forge a town from untamed wilderness at the edge of the known world.

While i disagree on crate’s direction to go so far away from the genre they are so good at (arpg), into almost an opposite genre, i kinda respect the decision.
It also reminds me of a saying that as a dev, you can only make so many games in your life. And in that sense, if it is feasible from business and timing sense to make a pet project, or something that the devs had wanted to do, it’s best to go ahead. Grim dawn fans will always be around for a GD2 no matter how the new sim game turns out

Thanks for the years of updates! I was not big on RPGS but Grim Dawn became my most played game of all time. Looking Forward to Farthest Frontier and other future Crate games.


Just want to thank Zantai and everyone who’s worked on GD over the years. The absolute best ARPG I’ve ever played. Not sure I’ll ever stop playing it to be honest; I’ll likely catch the itch and make new characters for years and years.

Really just amazing to see how far this game has come since I first laid eyes on it all those years ago. Crate had large ambitions and delivered in a way I’ve not seen a from a small studio. Well done Crate, thanks for everything.

You’ve earned many faithful customers because of your efforts and the way you’ve supported your game, and I wish you all the best with what’s to come.