Grim Misadventure #175 - A Look Back at 2020

I’ve just started playing Grim Dawn again and in my opinion it is the best ARPG on the market. Does this mean it is now going into maintenance mode? Is there anyway you can clarify what you mean by the “the end of Grim Misadventures is by no means and end to our support for Grim Dawn”? Does it mean there will be no more expansions or additional content but the game will continue to be supported with additional bug fixes and tweaks? Thanks for a great game and best wishes on your new IP.

I think this is what it means

We’ve heard from our testing company that MS is being rather lenient on the series X certs now, so we may try to push it through since, otherwise, it sounds like it could take months to get it tested for X cert via a testing company.


Crate have already said there’ll be no more expansions for the game. We’ve had added smaller content updates as Zantai pointed out in the OP so I suspect it’ll be bug fixes and any tweaks that may be needed after drops.

i think its a mistake to produce other things than grim dawn,2,3 and so on. you had ultimate success with it and never change a running system. only my thoughts on that. all your other projects will be in the shadows of grim dawn 100% confirmed but as always i wish you the best for the future!

Imagine if Blizzard produced nothing but sequels for “Warcraft: Orcs and Humans” for the last 26 years


Who would have thought we had this much misadventures with Grim Dawn!

I thank you guys for the wonderful times, as we always had something looking forward to with upcoming misadventures. You blessed us with information and MOAR! than we ever dreamed of. It’s definitely one for the history books.

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I was just thinking that when I checked the screenshot gallery I have collected over the years and realized I started in 2015. Wow, time flies.
Come to think of it, Diablo III is 8 years old now, and I played it maybe 1/4 less than I played Grim Dawn. :smiley:

We hope that Grim Dawn could bring you some solace in trying times, a small bright spot in a dark year.

That is ironic, yet true, that a game literally called Grim Dawn was still our beacon of light in 2020. :smiley: I certainly played it more than ever this year, working from home has certain advantages. :stuck_out_tongue:


Grim Dawn has a special place in my gaming heart. I loved Titan Quest and the news of a dev from the company behind that game creating a spiritual successor caught my attention immediately. Sadly, I was quite financially broke at the time and couldn’t afford to buy the game when it got released, even less afford a gaming PC. I wanted SO HARD to play Grim Dawn, and so it was the first game that I bought with my own money, once my financial situation improved, and it completely surpassed my already high expectations.

I’ve been enthusiastically following the Grim Misadventures since a little before AoM was released. Man, it was such a journey to see this wonderful game grow and evolve. But a lovely thing about games that don’t rely on “Games as a service” stuff is that their end of development don’t mean the end of the game at all. Grim Dawn will live forever and I’m looking forward to what Crate has to put on the table in the future.


I’ve seen things you people wouldn’t believe. Void ryloks on fire off the shoulder of Malmouth. I watched Aether rays glitter in the darkness at Gate of Necropolis. All those moments will be lost in time like tears in rain. © Grim Misadventure


Does this mean it is now going into maintenance mode? Is there anyway you can clarify what you mean by the “the end of Grim Misadventures is by no means and end to our support for Grim Dawn”? Does it mean there will be no more expansions or additional content but the game will continue to be supported with additional bug fixes and tweaks?

Currently it just means that this is simply the end of the Grim Misadventures updates but the reason for that is that development has slowed on Grim Dawn and it’s getting harder to find things to discuss on semi-regular basis. We are taking a pause from actively looking for things to do on Grim Dawn because we feel like it is in a pretty good place, we don’t have immediate ideas for additional content and we do have a lot of other stuff going on.

It is unlikely we’ll do another expansion, primarily because each expansion we’ve done has added complexity that makes every following expansion more of a challenge. It is possible that we may add free content at some point in the future but I won’t promise that; I really don’t know. Right now people are sort of burnt out and I think a break will do us good. Of course, support will continue.

We are working on one thing that is GD related… it isn’t an addition to GD but a small standalone game. Maybe we’ll be ready to talk more about that toward the end of the year.


More human than human.



TCG confirmed.


Sad to hear Grim Misadventures not continuing. It has always been a pleasure, reading Zantai’s 10.000 words essays. :wink: Nevertheless, moving on to other projects and goals in life, is what keeps the world turning.

So, I just wanted to say “Thank you all!” for the passion you put into GD and I am looking forward to the next patch. :slight_smile:


I’m not ashamed to admit… I’d be good with that.

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Regarding Blizzard and Warcraft for 26 years: Not far off from reality. We’re coming up on nearly 20 years since they released their last actual PC game (20 years in 2022, or 2023 if you count expansion for that game separately). Everything since has been trash online services.

Of course, they did do some other great games in their short run of when they were good. And I certainly don’t want you guys NOT doing other great things.

I certainly wouldn’t mind getting surprised by another rogue like dungeon one day :v:.
If anything one of those for Cronley faction could be something to add if the itch to work a bit on Grim Dawn arises. Put it in some snowy area of Asterkan or the patch near the mountain deeps.
Cronleys long lost brother gathering refugees or something with a bit more creativity.

That said I agree that Grim Dawn in it’s current state is at a good point to move on and I’m looking forward to play Farthest Frontier.

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Well, I meant 26 years since they released the original Warcraft. I think merging with what became Blizzard North and putting out Diablo, Starcraft and creating WoW gave them more stability and longevity than if they were just on Warcraft VII.

That and I’m pretty sure people would start leaving Crate if we worked on nothing but Grim Dawn for the next 10 years.

Turning the company in a mill just grinding out the next obvious, low-risk, easy path to cash vs. sequels, remakes and mobile versions is exactly how you become a soulless corporation.


I’m not even playing it right now but i put hundreds of hours in the game and well, somehow learning that it won’t be developed anymore, knowing that it won’t “live” anymore, kinda saddens me. Anyway all things come to an end and i couldn’t thank crate enough for this gem. I feel like you brought to life the current best arpg hands down. The lore, the dialogues, the atmososphere, it’s all so amazing…
So yeah, dear crate, thanks for everything. I’ll 100% support your next project, for the trust you earned from GD alone


Wow just wake up to this, good work crate with all this misadventures business. Looking forward towards the city building game, so I guess another secret project will be revealed soon this year?