Possible new Crate project in the works

So it was AOE and not AOE2. My mistake.

Fascynating :vulcan_salute:

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so empire earth becomes an indirect help for the makings of grim dawn… interesting. i myself prefer empire earth 1/2 to age of empires 123, because you can customize your own units’ stats improvements on the field & lots of epoch to play. not to mention the great resource gathering micromanagement interface of empire earth 2.

sadly, like so many other rts, empire earth12 focus too much on warfare. its diverse amount of epoch would make a great empire management rts game similar to sid’s civilizations with many fun roads to victory/survival without resorting to the usual boring rts military win.

makes me wish theres’ a stone age/industrial age scenario options for farthest frontier.

anyway, stoma. kalos. piotr’s novaya russian potato truck😅

Yeah, I tried Empire Earth and I found it had too much warfare for me. I wasn’t interested in that side of it; it was the building that I wanted to do.

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You’re citing a single data point. He spent a year or two analyzing Diablo job postings and turned out pretty accurate in the end.

Another snippet just dropped


My bet is on Unity based pixel classic platformer Commander Cairn. I’m completely serious. Its Shovel Knight with twist on dual-class and auto-loots. :grava_yes:

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Wonder if it will be some sort of card game.

Each class having generic / specific cards and then you can dual class for more added cards. Rewards from fights could add passive stats or new cards to your deck and whatnot. Towns / Factions could have some sort of impact on upgrading equipment / cards or removing cards - maybe even having Devotion as an system overlaying both stats / cards.

edit: Or you choose 1 Mastery for a deck of cards - or a dual mastery which would be another deck - both the same size.

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I’d like Crate’s version of Puzzle Quest called Grim Quest or Puzzle Dawn
Puzzling Grim Quest of the Dawn would be fine too.

Commander Cairn in Invasion of Aetherials:
Ep.1 Marooned in Malmouth
Ep. 2 The Valbury Explodes
Ep. 3 Krieg Must Die!
Commander Cairn in Goodbye, Korvan!:
Ep. 4 The Secret of the Three
Ep. 5 The Armageddon Hunger
Commander Cairn in Loggy Ate My First Blade (Ep. 6)

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Haha nice One!

this will obviously be a mobile game (later ported to PC), a Grim Dawn themed match3, and if you fail the grava event it wipes your score

Looking back at an old article link I had I wonder what this was.

“Also, the company has a second videogame in development, with the rights bought from Iron Lore, but there’s no information available on it at the moment.”

Was it Grim Dawn or did parts or all of Black Legion turn into Grim Dawn? Or is it still a project sitting waiting for Crate to bring it back to life @medierra?



…that bit there, he might as well be talking about Grim Dawn - just with a different name. It’s a clear reference to TQ, meaning the TQ engine itself was directly being used.

Who knows why they nixed whatever concept it was they had for “Black Legion” but they did and it became GD - tho they left it fighting on inside GD.

That article is portraying some pretty darned big claims there tho - I love GD and all but yeah… bold claims :smile:

Yeah, I wouldn’t be surprised if Black Legion morphed into Grim Dawn. The fact that we have the Black Legion in the game sort of suggests there might be some connection between the two.

And from that Archon the Wizard video Medierra had this to say about Black Legion:

“Somebody asked when Black Legion is coming out and it may be coming out never. Which is sad because I think it could be a pretty good game, but it’s also a game that would have required a pretty significant development budget so it’s not something that we could hope to do on our own.”

“So we said, okay I guess we need to figure out how to develop a console game and we went back and started working on the demo on the 360 and we created something that was like a third person over the shoulder, I guess I would describe it as Gears of War meets Oblivion. It had like pretty bad ass, fast paced sort of action style combat. The combat was sort of Erith (?) like, we had a repeating crossbow which was sort of stop and aim and shoot; we had rolls, we had these finishing moves called overkills. I don’t know, I think it could have been a pretty fun game and beyond that there was more ARPG mechanics where you would level up your character, choose different skills. We had I think a pretty sweet interface for being able to cast a lot of skills from the gamepad. And basically we went out and the first thing we created was a pvp multiplayer demo and part of the fun of pvp was after you basically kill people you could execute them in these incredibly graphic overkill animations.”

Yea my guess is they had some much bigger plans for the game “Black Legion” - honestly it sounds like he wanted to make God of War there, in the TQ engine. Maybe they realized in order to make it happen would take a whole lot more engine work and they toned it down and it became GD instead? Just a guess.

May well have done if they’d had THQ’s backing or managed to sell it fast enough to another publisher when THQ screwed them over.

I think they only carried over the name to GD. Here’s a tidbit of what medierra shared with us in the past:

It pays to keep an eye on Crate’s job adverts. :wink:

“Crate Entertainment is seeking an experienced and creatively-driven artist to help produce monsters for our survival horror game and take a leadership role in defining the look of and modeling characters for our fantasy RTS project that is early in development.”


I cannot give this enough hearts! Crate, you are the best!

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