Grim Misadventure #176 - So the New Thing

Previously Ultimate-only loot such as Roguelike end-boss uniques and things like the not-so-secret-anymore quests will remain the domain of Ultimate difficulty.

Not to mention Ultimate has something like a 10:1 ratio of dropping double rares compared to normal.

And, who knows…perhaps there will be more incentives to play in the hardest conditions :wink:


Many bosses already have a 100% drop chance and it doesn’t seem to bother anyone. There were some outliers that frankly seem unfair by comparison, and the effort in reaching them was already enough commitment (cough, Gollus).


Thank you !

Why not just move all skill points and other stuff to a singular difficulty? It is kinda of a chore to play game 3 times (2 if skippin elite). I be might missing something, but shouldn’t be so hard :person_shrugging:

Editing quests is sensitive, you can mess up people’s characters. Not to mention, you then need to account for characters that already got the rewards and those that did not in order to move the skill points somewhere else. It’s very messy.


not like you need those extra skill points on lower difficulties anyway

RogueDungeonMI: “Can we participate in SR!?
(sry, I had quoted the text as it was converted by automatic translation…)

diablo 4 sure was getting boring. It’s time to grim dawn again!


First off, thanks for the news, Zantai. I’m pretty excited to hear that Crate has decided to take some features from Grim Internals and implement them into the game, especially since GlockenGerda has been MIA for about a year now (hope everything is good on her end!). For me, GI is great because of its UI changes. With that being said, I hope the following features are considered for this, or future patches:

  • Monster health bar sizes are customizable to the same extent as GI
  • Monster health bars are customizable for each enemy tier (e.g., small/thin health bars on white mobs, thick/longer health bars on yellow mobs)
    ** For both of these above examples, refer to my included screenshot.
  • Potion cooldowns on health bar
  • Skill cooldowns on screen (including from items)
  • Character debuffs duration on screen (GI option: InfoBox Stuff > Show DeBuffs Text)
  • Character temporary buffs duration on screen (GI option: InfoBox Stuff > Show Buffs Text > Only Temp Buffs)
  • Extra info (e.g., character OA/DA displayed onscreen). Basically, the “InfoBox” Gerda designed is amazing for customization.

I’m happy to hear you’re adding monster debuff icons to monster health bars. Unlike some players, I could care less about the teleports. On the flip side, the monster HP bar UI changes I described above make-or-break my Grim Dawn experience. It’s a must-have for me. Please check out the screenshots I provided, and you’ll notice the yellow enemies have thicker health bars with a slightly brighter red colour than the white enemies, who have a thin health bar with darker red (so it fades more into the background). Purple enemies and bosses would also be different, though I didn’t capture it here. The settings screenshots show the specific settings for how the size and colour are able to independently be customized for EACH monster tier.

I hope this info gives you guys some player insight as to what specific GI features are excellent to bring into the base game. Cheers!


Great stuff!

Can Lua have settings to filter the console log?

When the mod is shipped i would like the console log to be used as UI to print any lua variables the mod is using to the player. If it is spammed with asset un/load like in GI that would not be ideal.

A way to turn on/off messge types would be welcomed.


Very nice.

This is already moar than I hoped for!

Thanks a lot for taking a little bit of your time to reply. I know you probably have a busy schedule so thanks for that.
Maybe I was not clear enough on my question so please allow me to rephrase it.
Why can’t we have Cairn scale from the beginning of act1 to the end of act 7 (merging Veteran and Elite into one) and have the Ultimate difficult unlocked after completion which would unlock a lot of new enconteurs, new mechanics to farm, challenging fights (celestials), new items (mythical), etc?
My goal is to make players complete the campaing only once, while also have the opportunity to adventure on Ultimate difficulty which will let them revisit areas on a even more challenging perspective and new content to engage and to discover.

Please, take a look of what I replied above and it will probably be more clearer my intentions. Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Any plans to add infinite stash ?

thank you for your continued support this is much needed best arpg ever

We should be able to unlock Ultimate mode from Veteran. If you beat all the main bosses and all the skeleton keys, that should unlock Ultimate.

Good afternoon . I want to make an initiative to recycle devotion with resistor cutters -% like Widowmaker, Solael’s Witchblade , MurMur, Assasin’s Blade ,Huntress , for artificially created auromancer class. I want to ask you to make it possible to connect auras that cause damage and resistors -%, once upon a time in Malmouth, we could do this with any devotion, but at that moment in time it brought chaos and builds became unfairly strong, I understand this and I don’t ask you to return everything. Now the realities of the game are completely different, builds are needed much stronger and more processed, not to mention the “Auromancer” class, which works on procs from things, does not have the normal ability to get fat and its whole point is to have a run button, a heal and a resistor from skill to maintain this game style, but you have to add a number of buttons to hang piety just like that, which kills the entire game experience of an ideological build. All devotions with a resistor cut -% will not change the balance, it will just become more comfortable for all players to have their resistor cuts applied on their own, since this is the main mechanics of the game, like the veil of darkness of the night blade, only other classes will need to take for example a special thing that rarely plays, such as Rune Armor of Ignaffar , Tainted Ruby of Gar’dal and more. I look forward to consideration of this idea and I am ready for a dialogue to clarify the possible nuances.You can do the same with piety with “resistor cut an integer for some time”, this will also give life to many ideological builds and expand the community in your favorite game, collecting and combining all new assemblies


Which MI will have the biggest increase in drop rate if all are 100%?

A lot of great changes! Can’t wait for this patch.