Grim Misadventure #178 - Loyalist the Third

Thank you Crate for the thousands of hours of fun I’ve had with this game, and those I will spend in the future when the expac is out.

Not even actively playing right now, but I will most definitely be purchasing this supporter pack, firstly to somewhat even out the ridiculously skewed cost-benefit ratio I’ve gotten out of this game, and also cause the armor sets look spectacular.

Regarding the drama, well I did get through two bags of popcorn reading it, so it was fun! Reminds me that there will always be some very questionable takes on anything, no matter now benign the topic might be.

When’s Loyalist Pack 4 though? One for base game and another for each expansion.


God dayum this Loyalist pack is looking rad! ( ̄ハ ̄)

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Orko charclass incoming XD

MY GOD!! those look amazing!!!

This is BEAUTIFUL. Can we also get some pets as well?

elephant pets?

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Mammoth horde summons.

So we are getting a 2 hand melee illusion for Empyrion set it looks like. Do we know if the weapon with Rattosh set is 1 or 2 handed?

2h 100% real no fake

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Seems like the aesthetic goes with a skelly build. Are there any good skelly 2 handers?

Guardian of Death’s Gate.

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Thank’s I will try it when pack drops!

Huge agree… I would pay double to get 1H and 2H versions of the new weapons.

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yeah when we get Fangs!!!

Nah, I’ll be throwing money at Crate the second this pack becomes available for purchase. I am positive that many others will do the same.


The artist responsible for hiring the artist has sacked himself.

I like changing my gun to a bow with the illusionist, just for aesthetic reasons.

grim dawn has no bows