Grim Misadventure #178 - Loyalist the Third

Grim Misadventures here with another peek behind the proverbial curtain. Last time, we introduced some of the unyielding denizens of the bitter Asterkarn cold.

Today, we are going to get a little technical as we preview some of the exciting looks you will soon be able to add to your swank collection of illusions with the upcoming Loyalist Item Pack 3. We were not sure the third pack would ever see the light of day, but then again we did not think there would be a third expansion either back then. By extremely popular demand, what you are about to see is all your fault!

As was announced back in December, Loyalist Pack the Third features some divine good looks. In total, there will be five armor sets. The first of which is the visage of the Veilwarden, the Arkovian god Rattosh!

Your reception to that preview told us that we are on the right track, which is why we then took that enthusiasm and doubled it for…the visage of Empyrion!

Yes, you too will be able to don the celestial look of the greatest among the gods and wield the spear of the heavens, a legendary weapon said to have struck down the Dying God! With this armor, we tried some new things with texturing and, if you are looking closely, the first ever back visual. Yes, we took notes when modders were adding all those wings and thought we would give it a try.

And speaking of Ch’thon, one cannot make a collection of godly illusions and not pay tribute to the Dying God himself. This terrifying visage exemplifies the new tech we now have at our disposal for Fangs of Asterkarn items.

A still image does not really do this armor justice though, so here is a short clip of it in action. Perceptive eyes will catch two things at play here: no head and…no feet! This is thanks to our new tech that allows us to add mesh and animation overrides to items. We can get pretty creative in terms of your character’s look by swapping out heads or, as you can see below, let you glide around the battlefield!

Modders will of course gain access to this flexible new system as well. We’re curious to see what you will come up with. :slight_smile:

The loyalists among you are probably wondering when you can get your hands on this sweet loot. There are two more armor sets on the way which we will not spoil, but we are confident that the full collection will be well worth the asking price. You can expect Loyalist Item Pack 3 to be available mid-February alongside v1.2.0.4, which will have a number of bug fixes and improvements.

Like knowing what is coming up next for Grim Dawn? Check back on 02/26/2024 for the next Grim Misadventure.



They are AMAZING! Can’t wait to use them!

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I am speechless. Any ideas on price yet?


This set of skins looks amazing! Bravo to the artists!

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O_O Very Nice!!!

A seal of chthon tatoo on arm and blood drops when characters moving would be more badass for this set.

Must be difficult, swinging a big hammer like that without the ability to plant your feet in the ground. I hope the new animation override will make you tumble around a bit more as well?

But also, now that this head is a thing. GD will make it’s way into the Dead Cells universe with some kind of crossover?

I am happy that, if I am reading between lines correctly, future updates and expansions will introduce some much needed graphical lifting to the game.

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Chthon hates heads and legs confirmed.

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Every set looks impressive, but Empyrion is my favorite
Just curious, those flame wings are stating or got some flapping (maybe when on idle) animation?

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Ooh man these armor sets look awesome.

0/10 no Ch’thon feet pics :confused:


Ok now this is epic!

These sets are insane. Well done. Can’t wait to give Crate their well earned $$$ for this and for FoA on day 1.

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Looking forward to acquiring these illusions in the future.

Also happy to see how much modding is being supported with the upcoming expansion.

Maybe I should consider buying this loyalpack for its Ch’thon set :thinking:

I need to update my builds faster!

For anyone wondering why the runes are glowing in the marketing art, but not the in-game model (same model actually)…just artist error

The artist responsible has sacked himself.


Pretty fresh stuff here, nicely done!
I hope we’ll see some really cool armor designs with Asterkan, too!