Grim Misadventure #179 - Heralds of Blood

Tread carefully, ye who come in search of misadventures, for even a glance upon what awaits within may drive you mad. Last time, you sought refuge within the reveal of the third Loyalist Pack. You will be pleased to know that v1.2.0.4 will be releasing today to support this menagerie of decadent divinity, and the pack itself will become available for purchase on 02/27/24, on Steam and GOG. The cult of the XBOX may also be pleased to hear that dark rituals are being performed beyond the veil of development to ensure that you too can perform the three rites of loyalty at your leisure.

Now, you should cease your curiosity.

This is but your final warning, avert your eyes. Beyond these words is naught but shadow and the maddening glare of unraveling realities.

No? Still here? Very well, if you insist!

When we first spoke of the mighty Kurn, we briefly mentioned that you will be contending with the consequences of their bloody history. The lore buffs among you may recall the devastating conflict that took place in the western reaches of the Erulan empire and culminated in the summoning of the Voice of Ch’thon, the Loghorrean! As you have learned, such evil can never truly be contained. Its tendrils seep into the land like a disease, warping it beyond recognition.

While what remains of the Erulans is embroiled in the grim dawn, or glorious dawn depending on your point of view, the Kurn are still reeling from that ancient war. Their land, and their people, are still paying the price for…recklessness? Or desperation? The myriad Kurn tribes are scattered, their people no longer united under a single chieftain. Some have even turned completely away from the old gods, finding their prayers answered by a darker power.

This power now whispers of a dark reckoning. A choir of malevolent voices ravages mortal minds and leaves them begging for the release of death. But among the maddening cries there is one underlying truth: the void will not be denied.

These are the heralds of the beginning of the end times, a promise of boiling seas and crimson tides when he who dwells below creation reclaims his place among the stars. But before they can usher in the dying god, blood must flow. And who better to let the rivers of the Asterkarn valleys run red than a sin from the past…

Like knowing what is coming up next for Grim Dawn? Check back on 04/01/2024 for the next Grim Misadventure. We are certain it will be completely accurate and serious.


prepare for that there one person labelling this as a blatant money grab and totally not something any Xbox player ever asked for :crazy_face:

on a more positive note: 04/01/2024 for the next Grim Misadventure

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Ch’thon cares not from whence the blood flows, only that it flows.


Gotta wonder how much these “Kurn” were inspired by the historical Irish Kerns, at least in terms of aesthetics. The redhead chick leads me to believe the answer is significantly so.

Wow! If I had a nickel for every time the best looking enemy is a four armed chthonic emanating blood red energies, I’d have two nickels. Which isn’t a lot, but it’s weird that it happened twice. Right?

Makes you think these two are going to be related in a way, wink wink. :smiley:


Happy to spill some Ch’thonian blood. :smiley:

Damn, I was hoping for some berserker showcase.

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Those guys are disgusting, like Obsidian Defilers. Good. Makes killing them more fun. They have five fingers though, hmmm…

Too many hands, too many hands! Love it >: )

Keep that good stuff coming, you know we’ll drink it up <3

blood for the blood gods?

Looks great!

hell yeah, artists pulling no punches. too bad crate games seem to stay top down for the foreseeable future, these would be such a sight to behold in first/third person perspective.

While I like LE and PoE. This is the game I love even more and the expansion is exciting all the more. I always felt like there was too much on aetherials but not enough on chtonians so I’m glad we are getting some chtonic love here.
That said I’m guessing there might just be some aetherials meddling in the expansion too.

Four arms are better then two when it comes to hugs and killer back massages.

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Looking forward to everything that lies ahead, I love this game :heart_eyes:

This could’ve been anime pikachuas and rainbow unicorn cows and I would’ve still hurled money at you all because I’m finally getting my favorite Grim Dawn area fleshed out!!!

But, you just had to go and make it all cool, too, so take all my moneys.


Could be worse… :smiley:

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4 and massage…mmmm…wait, wrong forum, my bad.


“it was one time man”

Chthonian vanguard, yay!

Their reckless indiscriminate slaughter and bloodspilling will be met with with an ever stronger reckless slaughter and bloodspilling. All to saive Cairn of course.