Grim Misadventure #180 - This Arsenal has Fangz (April Fools 2024!)

Welcome back to Grim Misadventures. First, a warning: due to a bank error in the forum code, you may be seeing duplicate development updates today. This one is absolutely the real one. Please disregard any other posts as they may provide false promises and set unrealistic expectations.

Now, last time, we unveiled some bad guys that really want your blood. Whatever, you did not read the lore notes anyway. Go kill them for loot.

Since you always choose violence, the items below should help:

Please note that as the expansion is still under development, the following information is probably wrong. Who knows? We don’t!


The real reveal here is that we named an item Farmageddon.




It’s really tame.


Desaturated Crescent

Fangs of Asterkarn features some uniques, and probably a monster infrequent or two. We stopped counting twenty updates ago. Some items were apparently asleep, but we will wake them up for you. This sentence was written to pad the word count but as it turns out writing a sufficiently lengthy sentence without performing grammatical atrocities can actually be challenging to pull off when you are making this up as you go without the assistance of a thesaurus, chat-gtp, or any of the other versions of language learning models that are currently out on the internet, which would make life really hard for us but thankfully we are not teachers and nobody is grading this for being a run-on that is almost certainly deliberately missing some punctuation somewhere in the first third.

Enjoy the rest of April 1st!


I so want this one to be true.


Forgot to add a link to the appropriate song for the Farmaggedon item.

Perhaps an ascended SR challenge or crazy dungeon, where the rewards are insanely good but it’s just too hard for most build to clear?

I look forward to Grim Dawn’s next expansion that will involve going into space to fight the Aetherials ala Doom Guy.

No bears fur us huh?

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An item, item, not a dungeon. (Although that would be cool. Maybe it could be a yearly event on a holiday like memorial or labor day (and the weeks around them).

But if it is a real item… I’d want it to be a legendary that you get somewhere, somehow in the area around Homestead. Maybe it would drop from the Abomination on Ultimate? Or it could be a little bit more complex and you would have to obtain a secret quest to start on the road to obtaining it.

This will come as a shock to many, but THIS was the fake dev update. The item images posted here are not real (but some item names miiight be).


Farmageddon confirmed

Does this confirm a future “Bruce Willis with hair” transmog option for helmets?