Grim Misadventure #177 - Asterkarn Menagerie

Welcome back to Grim Misadventures! 2024 is nearly upon us, so we thought it would make for a nice end of the year treat to give you a peek behind the proverbial curtain. We are busily assembling another exciting expansion pack for you, teeming with new areas, items and monsters for you to explore, loot and slaughter, hopefully in that order.

As you can imagine, anything resilient enough to endure the bitter cold of Asterkarn’s peaks is not going to be a pushover. Let us take a look at a couple of these western denizens.


Tread carefully as you ascend the frozen glaciers, and keep an eye out to the skies, for the predator seeking to turn you into its next meal may not be in front of you, it may be far above. The rocs, massive avian creatures with a wingspan that easily dwarfs a human, readily pick off stragglers in animal herds, or unwary travelers.

These vicious birds come in two common varieties: frost and storm, elemental affinities they use to subdue their prey. Legends speak of a glorious roc for whom the very winds of Asterkarn change their course.

Woolly Rhino

No beast is more eponymous with the Asterkarn lands as the woolly rhino. These animals sport a thick coat of fur and even thicker skin to shield them from not only the elements but also deadly predators. That is, of course, not their only form of defense. You would be wise to not end up on the receiving end of one of their glorious horns.

But not even the mighty rhinos can resist the corruption that is spreading across Asterkarn, threatening the land and its people, and perhaps all of Cairn. These mangy beasts suffer from a sinister illness that has left them permanently warped, but no less dangerous.

This is of course just the beginning as we dive deep into Fangs of Astekarn next year! You will learn all about the upcoming Berserker mastery, Ascendant Mode’s unique challenges, the Kurn people, and more!

Like knowing what is coming up next for Grim Dawn? Check back on 01/22/2024 for the next Grim Misadventure.


Yay to more beasts :sunglasses:

Pleaaaase put a tavern anywhere in a future hub to rest after a long day of hunting :beers: :beers:


Can’t wait to loot some monsters and slaughter new items.


So good - can’t wait! :sunglasses:

Awesome! Hoping for a mercenary feature too :drooling_face:

New amazing monster models, let’s gooo!


The rhinos are cool, but the rocs are GORGEOUS. Like alternate-timeline phoenixes.


sooo, does that mean we get to shoot up ? :eyes:

Look at that roc LETS GOOOOOOOOO
Hyped for the ~blue~

Yessss misadventures is back!


Those monsters look so cool! Can’t wait for the next misadventures update!

I smell ambushes.

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Sooo can we have a little one as a pet pls!?


I wish the celestial in the new pack gonna be an Elephant


They look great.

22 January is my birthday a welcome present in the form of a new Grim Misadventure.


It’s good to have Misadventures back :star_struck:

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I cannot tell you how stoked I am about this expansion.

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Fangs for everything you do. Love it all!

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New superboss?
I’m in, frost ultra boss would be a good complement to existing

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Yes, several from the sounds of it.