Grim Misadventure #178 - Loyalist the Third

Looks like I already know the theme of my next build, can’t wait to see it in game.

Take my money :slight_smile: :dollar:


Long time lurker here, created an account just to tell you how amazing that stuff looks, and how amazed I am at your willingness to expand on a past game while you have undoubtedly other, newer projects in the works. I am very thankful, and happy. So, thank you all :slight_smile:

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don’t forget monthly sub at $15

also the slight difference of getting half a dozen skins or more, and cosmetic pet, for 8bucks, vs paying 25$ for a mere palette swap aka paying half a game’s price for the colour blue on a single skin :joy:


Looks very very nice :ok_hand: great job :clap::clap::clap:

Looks cool :3

Oh fuck yes. I know exactly who i’m going to put those armors on.

PS: eldritch armor set too please.

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Years of you continually updating the game despite it being “finished”.


Praise Zantai! :grin:

Noice, but an important question must be asked in advance. Will this animation change mess with WPS animation speed? :stuck_out_tongue:

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Can I use this on Xbox? I would pay even double if possible. That is how cool they look and how much I like the game

Looking forward to the new tech implementations in the expansion.
Will be grabbing the skins along the way :slight_smile:

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Wow Thanks guys!!! You are the Best!!!

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Grim Dawn, as an experience, is easily the funnest ARPG I’ve played. Even more so if I consider the thousands of hours of enjoyment my wife and I both have gotten out of it for the price of the base game and the expansions. These Loyalist Packs are neat, and I have no problem spending a little disposable income on them, especially in light of the quality of the illusions and work-hours required on the part of the artists and devs.

I suppose, according to some, that makes me some kind of mouth-breathing sycophant, easily parted from my cash for the promise of shiny aesthetics in a video game. Yet, oddly, I find myself somehow more nuanced and self-aware than that, not wholly pleased with every single decision Crate has ever made and fully capable of criticizing the elements of GD that don’t work for me personally (like every square inch of Ugdenbog or the Relic-crafting).

Oh well, at least I’m not so miserable as to find some kind of pleasure or, worse yet, identity from lurking the forum and loudly voicing my self-righteous indignation at the release of a wholly optional set of illusions meant to please fans that have asked for same. Wouldn’t that just be an awful way to live?!

Looking forward to the Pack and Asterkarn and whatever MOAR you have in store, Crate.


Meanwhile me still waiting for a gd t-shirt: :man_with_gua_pi_mao:


Scorv body pillow when? :frowning:


A Scorv skin-mask seems lore-friendly, too.

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These look fantastic! Unbelievably beautiful!

I just hope the new gear added in FoA will be of comparable aesthetics. The reason for that is: I don’t use the Illusionist. I will buy this pack, just as previous ones, for sure, but I never use cosmetic items in any game. I can’t explain why, it feels like cheating to me. I somehow want to earn the good looks of my character, by grinding for god looking gear.

NUFF’ SAID !! :rofl: