Grim Misadventure #182 - Giant News

Charges 10char :face_with_monocle:

I feel a little unsatisfied with this Misadventure but ok. looking forward to the next one!


Spin to win with spears!

Nice of you to post this on my b-day :blush:

Awesome! I’ve been taking a break from Grim Dawn (well not really, still occasionally played some low level chars here and there) but it looks like in little more than a week I gotta get back into it full-time! I just gotta decide which other hobby to abandon for the time being…

They hunt Ravagers for fun

cool, items for the new class, you will show off its skills?

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Honestly another model is missing besides the giant for the scale reference. Is he flesh hulk-sized? Or closer to aetherial obelisk? Or perhaps as tall as a groble? :smirk: Can not tell

Looking forward to the patch, your ongoing efforts are greatly appreciated!


Probably in August since it was last August they revealed it, so there’s significant progress

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Keep up the big efforts!

Please help us poor Steam Deck users with the stuttering for the love of God.

You can’t do anything about it. GD runs on the old (modified) TQ engine. I own a Ryzen 5800X3D and an RX 7800XT and stuttering also occurs and you either accept it or not.

Still check out the graphics mod “GrimTex” which for many has helped improve the performance of the game despite nicer textures. There is a downloadable texture pack prepared for Steam Deck.

Actually people have found ways to fix it. There are several workarounds from changing certain settings within the game to isolating the singular core processor the game is using and shutting it down so the others take more of the load. There are write ups on several ways people have been able to fix it and it is seldom the same for two people. However, most of that doesn’t work on steam deck. That’s the part that I’m talking about.

If you are still having problems with yours on a regular PC, maybe try looking up the solutions others have found.

I know about the fact that there are various ways to improve performance, but unfortunately in my case nothing really helped.

Besides, there is no intention to reduce the graphics settings, because anyway the game already smacks of a mouse even on maximum graphics settings. GD on my hardware should run like gold, but it doesn’t particularly bother me somehow.

Heh, it is kinda funny the Giants have basically put ladders on their loincloths. Probably so puny humans can actually climb up to attack them face to face! :smiley:

made of human bones too :woozy_face: