Grim Misadventure #182 - Giant News

We have it on good authority that this Grim Misadventure is absolutely giant. Last time we unveiled our overhaul of two-handed melee animations coming in v1.2.1, which is current in public playtest. Well today we are pleased to announce that v1.2.1 will be going live for everyone next week, June 19th! Our latest major update for Grim Dawn features the new two-handed animations, a completely overhauled Nemesis spawning system, rebalanced consumables, and of course many balance changes. Final patch notes are forthcoming, but you can view last week’s build notes here.

As for Fangs of Asterkarn, it is not every day that we get to do a giant update, so one might say this is a big deal. In fact, it’s huge. We are, of course, talking about Astekarn’s giants. What else were you expecting?!

These titans of the tundra roam the far reaches of Asterkarn, following the herds of megafauna which they hunt for food and tools. Though they speak a primitive tongue, relations between the Kurn and the giants had rarely been amicable. If anything, a hungry undiscerning giant may simply opt to devour a puny human if they are within reach. Giants are known to craft elaborate bone spears which they often coat with a poison they extract from hardy toxic plants in the mountain peaks. This poison can bring down a full-grown mammoth. Should a human be unfortunate enough to have it penetrate their skin, the results can be grisly. Of course, a single swipe from a giant’s spear would be more than enough to cleave a man in two, so concerns about poisons are largely secondary.



Legends say that when the great beast Beronath’s blood was spilled upon the Roof of the World, the giants were the first to rise from the stone. Their skin is as the mountain which gave them life and their hearts beat with the spirit of Asterkarn. Some of the mightiest ancient giants are so closely attuned with nature that they assume the form of the elements themselves. Such sightings are rare, or perhaps all that have witnessed them never lived to tell the tale. These living embodiments of the forces of natures no doubt carry weapons that resemble their bearer’s boundless fury.

Like knowing what is coming up next for Grim Dawn? Check back on 07/15/2024 for the next Grim Misadventure!


Big if true.


big true true

Truly, big.


Piercing Damage Wendigo Totem with Blade Trap modifiers, lol.

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ladder loincloth is a liability in lorious laughter (g,s). i couldn’t do the whole thing.

Good stuff. Can’t wait for the update!

Тундра - Syberia)))

I’m so hyped about the expansion.
Please some lore/faction teasers in the next misadventure or reveal of the class.


Big fan of the lore and items already. Thanks for the Shaman support!

Please grant us the gift of a sickly-green visualized Poison / Acid Albrecht’s Aether Ray. Would be appreciated.


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Give them drums and make their followers chants Katmuda!

good to see Crate sticks to triggering AP enjoyers’ OCD with partial values :grin:


Oh that should be 100%.


+1 charges to ABB?
sounds intriguing how will this works

charges is FoA mechanic where you can use the skill instantly X times in a row

interesting, thanks

Giants? In Asterkarn? Will they break our bodies against the mountains? :frowning:

Looking forward to 1.2.1



Usually it’d work like this:

  • Each time the skill finishes its cooldown, one charge is returned.
  • The skill recharges whenever it doesn’t have max charges
  • You may cast the skill as long as it has any charges remaining

One nice thing about skills with charges is that as long as you are at less than max charges, you don’t lose DPS by saving charges for later.

9 days HYPE :heart_eyes:

Excellent art as usual. I wonder if the beast the giants are using as head gear, will be another enemy to face in FoA.