Grim Misadventure #25: Occultist Mastery - Part 2

Welcome back to our final alpha mastery reveal. This update will wrap up the Occultist. If you have missed the first part, you can read it here.

If you missed our Soldier and Demolitionist updates, you can read them here:

Part 1
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Part 1
Part 2

The Occultist Mastery

Two weeks ago, we introduced you to low level skills available to masters of the eldritch arts. Now we will show you some of the supreme power available to committed Occultists.

Blood of Dreeg
“A binding with the great guardian confers some of Dreeg’s regenerative ability, while wounds inflicted by enemies will spray caustic blood as though inflicted upon Dreeg himself.”

Blood of Dreeg is a duration buff which bestows some of the witch god’s essence upon you. With this power flowing through your veins, wounds will heal faster and blood drawn by enemies will burn them with acid. The modifier for this skill bestows additional defenses and pierce retaliation to resemble the quilled flesh of Dreeg himself.

Bonds of Bysmiel
“Strengthens the bonds of control with your minions causing them to fight with greater vigor and determination.”

Bonds of Bysmiel is a toggled buff which strengthens the material presence of your summoned minions, increasing their health and regeneration. The modifier for this skill drives your minions into a frenzy, increasing their damage and attack speed.

Doom Bolt
“A bolt of entropic power tears through the fabric of reality to inflict massive damage on any foe it strikes.”

Doom Bolt is a focused manifestation of eldritch powers, dealing heavy chaos and vitality damage wherever it strikes. When taking out single foe quickly is your goal, a single Doom Bolt can devastate an enemy champion.

“You allow your body to act as a mortal vessel for the witch god Solael. The great one temporarily inhabits your flesh, bestowing upon you formidable physical prowess.”

Possession is the ultimate mark of dedication to the eldritch gods. By allowing yourself to act as a conduit for the powers of Solael, you will temporarily become an overwhelming force of eldritch reckoning.

Building your Occultist:
Players have been busy in Alpha experimenting with our masteries. Here are some variations of what they have come up with:

Sigil of Consumption AoE madness:

Hellhound master:

A walking zoo:

And there you have it! These are the masteries currently available to everyone that purchased a Patron copy or above. Come back on 07/22/13 for our next Misadventure!

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Yeah! I love Doom Bolt as it is!

Blood of Dreeg is a toggled buff which bestows some of the witch god’s essence upon you.

It’s a timed buff that lasts 15 seconds (cannot be toggled on or off).

Occultist is awesome. Right now I’m using a melee Witchblade concentrating on Solael’s Witch Fire and Cadence with tons of stat points in Spirit. I have only two points into Sigil of Consumption and it does 800 damage aoe. Warden form 1 dies within 4 seconds, and form 2 dies within 5.

Quite a strong class.

Now that masteries misadventures is over, i wonder what about the next update will be.

Thanx for all the masteries info man.

Little question! :slight_smile: Back when I was checking the pre-alpha vids released by Crate, I always thought some of the skills displayed in this vid were part of the occultist class.
Since they are not presented in the alpha, I guess they belong to another class, right? (the pure caster one, whatever its name is…The arcanist?)

Skill 3 looks like the only one its missing. The rest seem like icon changes.

Edit: Not sure what 7 is either

Looks like mostly icon changes. One of the skills the video showed repeatedly was called Chaos Bolt (the purple projectile cluster), which was replaced by Doom Bolt.

Whoaaaa man how can you reach such high dps! Even level 33 in TQ:IT with souvizier and 2 great souls and dmg rune in my blue bow I’m roughly at 600 dps.

I definitely need some tips on both game lol

Thank you Zantai - although having spent perhaps 30 hours in the alpha, I still find these mastery explanations really helpful. Is there any possibility that they might be included in the final game as part of a manual?

Item mods in GD are much stronger than in TQ. Also consider that since we’re capped at level 25 we have much more time to spend at that point tailoring our builds and ‘twinking’ out.

Awesome update.

Can’t wait for the next Grim Misadventure :slight_smile: